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“For long-rage attacks, call in the Zooka. A few Zookas can completly devistate a whole enemy base, but don’t let them come under fire from enemy turrets”


  • Zookas are the third troop to unlock, unlocked at Headquarters Level 5.
  • Zookas have very high DPS, but their health is very low.
  • Zookas have longer range than most other troops.


  • Due to their low health, Sniper Towers can generally one-shot a Zooka. Mortars can easily take out a whole group in one shot. Machine Guns are also effective against Zookas, even at extreme range. Deploy Zookas behind a meatshield of Heavies or Riflemen to let them take the damage.
  • When using teams of low hitpoint Troops it is good idea is to take out Mortars and Rocket Launchers with the Gunboat before deploying Troops.
  • Deploy the Zookas a few seconds behind other troops, otherwise they might get taken down by Mortar shells or Rocket Launchers.
  • When using the Heavy + Zooka strategy, remember to not Flare directly on a Rocket Launcher, because the Heavies will walk into the Rocket Launcher’s blind spot, causing the Rocket Launcher to target the Zookas instead.
  • The Flamethrower’s range is less than that of a Zooka, which generally allows a Zooka to destroy a Flamethrower without taking damage. However, if you are not careful and allow a Zooka to get in range of the Flamethrower, it will kill the Zooka very quickly. In addition, if there is a group of massed Zookas, some of them may get pushed into the range of the Flamethrower, resulting in their deaths.
  • At equal upgrade levels, they have the second highest damage-to-size ratio of any troop behind the Warrior up to level 8. At level 9 and above, they surpass Warriors and stay that way.
  • Always take full advantage of the Zooka’s range. Carefully look at the enemy defenses and their attack ranges and look for the “Zooka pockets”, areas where they can hit the primary building (Headquarters, Power Core, etc) outside of the range of any other defenses or at least where a very limited number of defense turrets can hit.
  • Because of their high damage output, it often does not take very many Zookas surviving to destroy the primary building. Three level 1 Zookas not boosted by Statues can destroy an un-boosted level 9 Headquarters at full health in less than 2 minutes.


  • Use a Sniper Tower as a bait so that all the troops will attack it. Put a Machine Gun on either side of the Sniper Tower. The Machine Gun will spray in a big area, and will occasionally hit the Zooka’s. 
  • As the Zooka has a very long range, bait them with useless buildings and place Mines in front of them. A mine or two is usually enough to take out a group. 
  • Keep mortars behind groups of low-hitpoint buildings. The mortarshell takes time to reach its designated location, so it can take out Zookas when they move to attack another building.


  • The name ‘Zooka’ is a stylized version of ‘bazooka’, which is the weapon they use.
  • The Zooka is the only troop with a higher DPS than Health (Not counting Statue Bonuses).
Unit Size Training Time Movement Speed Attack Range Headquarters Level Required
2 4m Slow / 180 Long / 720 5


Level Hitpoints DPS Training Cost Research Cost Combat Academy Research Time
1 50 80 220 N/A N/A N/A
2 54 88 330 17,100 2 4h
3 59 97 450 46,000 3 9h
4 67 106 600 99,000 4 12h
5 70 117 800 168,000 5 18h
6 76 129 1,000 284,000 6 1d 1h
7 83 142 1,200 450,000 7 1d 9h
8 90 156 1,400 650,000 8 1d 13h
9 98 171 1,600 760,000 9 1d 13h
10 107 189 1,800 850,000 10 1d 17h
11 116 207 2,000 1,160,000 11 2d 3h
12 126 228 2,200 1,540,000 12 2d 12h
13 138 251 2,400 1,800,000 13 2d 12h
14 150 276 2,600 2,160,000 14 3d 3h
15 163 304 2,800 2,970,000 15 3d 11h
16 177 334 3,000 3,400,000 16 3d 11h
17 193 368 3,300 3,800,000 17 3d 21h
18 210 404 3,600 4,500,000 18 4d
19 228 445 3,900 5,300,000 19 4d 6h
20 248 489 4,200 6,100,000 20 4d 8h

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