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Would You Press The Button?! So Fun!!

Let Me know if you chose different than myself on any ones!!

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Boom Beach:

Storm the beach and win the day! Boom Beach is a combat strategy game where you fight an epic war against the evil Blackguard. Take your expeditionary force to beautiful paradise islands invaded by the enemy. Fight for every beachhead, free enslaved islanders and explore the uncharted archipelago. The fight becomes a race to harness the ancient powers hidden on the islands. Are you ready for the BOOM?

Category: Games
Updated: See Below For Latest Update Notes
Version: 16.5.1
Size: 83.2 MB
Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish
Developer: Supercell Oy
© 2013 Supercell
Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


All Music Is Monstercat! Check them out!
Label Channel: http://www.youtube.com/monstercat


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  1. http://prntscr.com/9dlv7z
    I wish there was a 3-rd option on this question …

  2. hmm hitler question…if it wasnt him it would be someone else and it would mean that none of us would see what is happening at present day with muslims. The ideology people have towards them is the same as what Hitler had to jews…without going deep into it

  3. 4:50 it's a reference to the song "1000 miles"

  4. 1) Gross!
    2) Every Bernies Sanders voters dream to never do any hard work and then to get a dream job they didn't earn through work experience.
    3) I would totally do this!
    4) A Proclaimers reference… nice but still would not hit the button.
    5) I'd smash the button and then put that bitch in her place.
    6) I would do this because fuck it- it could be a useful gift.
    7) I would smash that button!
    8) No because I need to have control over the gift.
    9) If my brother was dead then I would otherwise no!
    10) I'd probably do this
    11) Would totally do this!
    12) HELLL no. Couldn't care less about progressives and their degeneracy and I love bacon way too much.
    12) FUCK NO.
    13) Would totally do this even though I can't stand her.
    14) I would do this.
    15) NOPE!
    16) Naw probably not
    17) Would totally do this. 50 1st dates was a great movie and its only once a month not every day.
    18) Would do this. This is like playing a video game where my character is me.
    19) Would not do this. Ben: "Why would that even happen?" Because Hitler did nothing wrong, Ben.
    20) I would totally do this because top athletes are always criticized. This is basically Donald Trump in politics in a nutshell.

  5. Always keep the bacon

  6. Yo hablo español and english

  7. What r u going to college for ben?

  8. Jar Jar binks has a really annoying voice and is not smart.

  9. If I was to be anything for a week I would be Jennifer Anistons boobs

  10. 5:50 just use reverse psychology

  11. you don't know jar jar binks? come on man lol

  12. Hey Ben! If you want some games to try please try Call of champions (ios) plague inc (PC/iOS) Agar.io (PC/IOS) and try the trollface quest games!!!!!! (Pc) they will get you so frustrated :D

  13. this was an awesome video 🙂
    2 thumbs up bud

  14. 9:40 "i would not kill my famine" hahahahahaha ahhh ben :")

  15. You don't know jar jar? Come on Ben you play Star Wars but don't watch it!? XD

  16. 61% Didn't get the reference…

  17. jar jar binks is the most annoying character ever

  18. Ben do a all heavy attack and no gunboat but you can only use smoke barrage

  19. Ben look up the song 500 miles

  20. Jar jar blinks is like the most annoying thing in star wars

  21. you don't know who jarjarbinks is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!:!

  22. there was a movie based on the button 10 or 15 years ago. I can't remember what it was called

  23. there was a movie based on the button 10 or 15 years ago. I can't remember what it was called

  24. Are my eyes screwed up or did u press the button for gay marriage it says in the bible in Leviticus 18:22, "You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination."

  25. what is with the kill your family thing

  26. if you would go back in time and kill hitler then there would be millions more people on earth meaning more pollution and global warming would happen much earlier


  28. same i hate school P.S. I am tina's son (i am 11)

  29. a lot of these questions are shit… stuff like "you can transform into anything you want". but "you have to stay that for 1 week".
    why wouldn't you? you "can". so why not obtain that ability. there is literally no down side.

  30. 2:10 bentimm already has his dream job earning a million dollar salary

  31. superpowers with a consequince if its bad dont use the power

  32. 11:00 you could turn into a leaping hog and rad a village

  33. yeah it's a song oh I will walk 500 miles and I will walk 500 more the beat of a man who walks 500 miles will fall down at your door

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