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What new features are coming to Boom Beach?


  • Achievements (still!)
  • Improving the ‘Hammerman attacks you’ event
  • Some system(s) to encourage gaining VPs and make it worthwhile to do so (the aim behind this is that matchmaking would benefit from a player-wide consensus to gain VPs)
  • Ability to see who hasn’t done their operation attack
  • Co-Leader rank
  • New prototype weapon
  • For reasons I can’t yet reveal, we’re also working at the same time on something for the update after the next one…

WHAT THEY’RE THINKING ABOUT (but not actively developing at the moment)…

  • Encouraging more variety in player base layouts
  • Being able to chose whether your home base is snow, magma or tropical (FYI, this would probably be purely cosmetic)
  • Different things for Task Forces to do (TF vs. TF, collaborative island)
  • Shock mine
  • Fragment crafting queue (being able to turn all Fragments into Shards with one button)
  • Increasing the Damage Amplifier’s radius
  • Making Task Force recruitment better within the game
  • HQ 21
  • Task Force mail (Clan mail) for Leader/Co-Leaders/Officers
  • Info showing which Gunboat abilities were used in the activity log
  • Replay pausing
  • More activity (“life”) in your home base
  • Daily challenges (e.g. defeat 3 PvP bases, etc.)
  • Hero unit(s)
  • More to do after clearing your map
  • Test/practice attacks
  • A bigger event
  • More Gearheart layouts
  • Improving or changing the Resource Base game
  • New Gunboat ability
  • New Troop
  • Anti-che@t stuff
  • Being able to save troop loadouts
  • Increasing intel gain possibilities
  • Better base editing tools (we’re thinking about ways to make base layout customisation easier, but we don’t like the idea of a full-blown editor)
  • Player profile

WHAT THEY’RE NOT CONSIDERING (we’ve decided the following stuff doesn’t fit Boom in its current form)…

  • Statue storage (this would probably add an annoying routine where you would want to switch to as many blue statues as you could each time you log off)
  • Personal messages (too risky for abuse/nastiness – however, we are thinking about better ways to help people find and join Task Forces)
  • Increasing the amount of Dr. Terror stages (we have an event every day now, so 20 Terror stages feels like it would be too much – also, we’re thinking about a new, bigger event anyway…)
  • Changing/”improving” the Grenadier (we think they’re in a pretty good place currently, as they fill a niche no other troop does)
  • New 3D world map (this looks and sounds very cool – we’ve concepted it, as you all know by now – but we don’t have a design for it that adds value or benefits the gameplay)
  • Using the Gunboat to defend your base (see our Currently Ruled Out Ideas list for more information)
  • Revenge attacks (see our Currently Ruled Out Ideas list for more information)
  • Ability to drop VPs (to improve matchmaking we want to encourage people to gain VPs instead, and make it worthwhile for them to do so, not the opposite)
  • Develop Boom for Amazon Fire, Kindle, Windows phone, etc. (see our Currently Ruled Out Ideas list for more information)
  • Leaving a message after destroying someone’s base (this would certainly be fun for some people, but unfortunately the potential for abuse and nastiness is too likely to make us consider it)
  • Bigger archipelago (it’s possible, but not currently on our table as it would require a lot of time from our artists and they’ve got their hands full with plenty of other cool things right now)
  • Operation drawing/planning tool (we think this would introduce a lot of UI clutter/complexity/ugliness and there are probably better ways to help Task Forces co-ordinate which we haven’t discovered yet)
  • Customisable building and troop colours/skins (it’s important to be able to recognise buildings at a glance when scouting or attacking, so this could muddy that clarity – also, there are quite strict memory limitations to adding more textures)
  • Troops skins (possible, but it’s a low priority right now – also, memory limitations as above)
  • Day/night mode (see our Currently Ruled Out Ideas list for more information)
  • Leader/Co-Leader/Officer only Task Force chat (we think segregating chat is probably a bad idea for the overall happiness of a Task Force)
  • Simultaneously attacking the same base (very challenging to make this work smoothly with the quality/consistency of today’s mobile internet around the globe)
  • Nukes (OP)
  • Critter unlocks at HQ 11 (we chose HQ 19 so you would unlock something new at that HQ level and the balance numbers were chosen accordingly)
  • Nerfing Warriors (their win rates across the board are around the same as the other troops, so it doesn’t feel like there’s a good case for doing this)
  • Visibility on the resources gained by the attacker (in our opinion this would be confusing for most players and there isn’t anything you can do with that information)
  • Heavies riding elephants
  • No OP reward if you don’t attack (this would mean that who gets to attack/contribute would become a race and it wouldn’t promote teamwork)
  • Diamonds to speed up Submarine dives (we don’t want Power Stones to be purchasable)
  • More builders (see here)
  • I-Win-Button
  • Trenches or walls (see our Currently Ruled Out Ideas list for more information)
  • Live replays when being attacked (a small-ish percentage of players would get to experience this, so spending development time on it is low priority and not on our table right now)

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  1. What about if an operation is not completed, no rewards for those who did not attack?
    This would not create a race or not promote teamwork. It would stop freeloaders and be an incentive to be more involved.


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