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  1. Damage Amp videos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have endless reserves and extra builders and I think u can do a op vid live stream or op attacks and nice vid

  3. Why is he upgrading defense

  4. Even I have not logged in to my account for like 1month

  5. Good for you christian, I personally don't spend money on mobile games

  6. i miss your low level account video please make more

  7. I knew what happened cuz I stopped playing and longed off about a month and I lost 30 VP

  8. Pls make a New task Force, set IT to 100 pls. Description: only subscribers here. Claim: Active smallest 2 hours at day

  9. Buy endless reserves to make vids flow smoothly

  10. Also show all black fails 😜

  11. Does anyone think there will be another mega crab

  12. Join l@@t raiders task force!!

  13. I got off for a year and I got attacked 2 times

  14. i just started youtube recently and need subscribers please sub if you like my content

  15. please could you give me a boom beach email

  16. I didn't get online for 2 month then I didn't find a single raid in the activity log my lvl 3 recource base was still for me but the lvl 30 were for the opoonent and the map had 30 invasions

  17. is this your free to play account because i want to log in into this accont

  18. plzzz tum hara boom beach ka account dedu plzzzzz

  19. plzzz tum hara boom beach ka account dedu

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