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Warrior Rush Strategy

This is a known and simple, yet very powerfull strategy to win battles in Boom Beach. It requires you to have a pure troop of Warriors. The warriors deals a nice amount of damage, while they can also heal themself. As your going with a high number of troop units, you are good versus single target defensive buildings, while you should watch out for defensive buildings that deal splash damage. However, we will explain how you can use the Warrior Rush Strategy to win battles in a easy way.


As mentioned you want to take out the splash damage defensive buildings close to the enemy Headquarers. This could for example be Flamethrowers. When you have taken out the defensive buildings close to the enemy HQ you should use your Gunboat and deploy Smoke Screens and Flares to guide your troop safely all the way, up to the enemy HQ. You need to do some timeing here so that your troop dont take any damage unnecessarily. When the Smoke Screens are fading you should use Shock Bombs to take out most of the enemy defences, while your Warrior Rushing troop destroy the enemy HQ in a few seconds. Congrats! It’s easy as that – its the power of Warrior Rush. For fully details and a walktrough you should take a look at the video below.

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