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Native Islander

“Meet the Native Islander! Her name is Sharon. Her hobbies include: Pottery and Cave diving!”


  • The female Native Islander appears as a slightly tanned girl with a blue dress, white hair, and light blue face paint.
  • The male Native Islander appears as a muscular man with his white hair tied up wearing a blue skirt and silver armbands.
  • The Main female Islander talks to you about the Blackguard and them stealing their Statues and Power Stones in the beginning of the game.
  • She is native to a race of islanders, the Kual.


  • Once you destroy a player’s or Blackguard Base’s Headquarters, the Islanders escape through a hole in the ground.
  • They roam around the village once they are freed.
  • The Islanders have also been known to run to trees and clap at them.

Resource Boats

  • NativeBoatThe small Resource boats that appear just south of your docks are sailed by Native Islanders.
  • The Native Islanders “return the favour” from freeing them by sending you a steady stream of Gold, which increases as you free more islands.
    • Read about this form of Gold production on the Freed Village page.
  • The boats that provide Wood, Stone, and Iron are the method of collecting the Resources that your Resource Bases produce.
    • These boats can fill up. The capacity of a boat is equal to the combined sum of all your Resource Bases of that Resource type’s collectors’ capacity. Basically, if one of your Resource Bases’ collector fills up, you will have to collect from the boat for that base’s collector to start producing again. This means that overall Resource Base production slows down after a few hours (because the lower-level Resource Bases fill up with Resources) and stops eventually.
  • Players attacking your home base cannot steal anything from these boats, but if one of yourResource Bases is taken over, you will lose any uncollected Resources from that Resource Base.


  • The male Native Islander was not added until the global release of Boom Beach. The male Islander can be seen jumping out of a destroyed Headquarters. They look very similar to Warriors.

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