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  1. Guys I think the gameplay is fine just need to do daily updates an maybe a new troop an gunboat level an maybe a new power stone that’s bigger then a master piece that has over 50% an most certain they need to add a global chat like clash of clans an I also do like the idea of a head qauters to suit a level so you are not versing people that are way outta yo leageu not

  2. I dont know if this is relevant but i think they need to add in a simulation addition where you can set up a base equal to your victory points or hq lvl and you can adjust your troops as needed and do practice raids. any comments? bad or good idea?

  3. New gun boat power troop strength new troop Tommy gunner

  4. You can at back your own base to see if its good

  5. Add a new Statue black dark magic

  6. Maybe add something like hq level.

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