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Upgrading priorities

Most important upgrades for your base.

When beginning a game like Boom Beach everyone wants to become the best they can as quickly as possible. At level 47, I realized that there are many things that I would have done differently to get a better start. My series of articles is going to highlight some of the easier ways you can improve yourself, in the quickest way possible.

First I recommend getting extremely comfortable with a specific troop. A lot of people switch different troops constantly, but knowing exactly how to control your best troop will make it easier on you once the bases get tougher and tougher. The best way to do this is by doing whatever you can to continually upgrade your ARMORY. In my opinion, next to your HQ, this is the single most important building on your base. No matter what troop you are best with, having the best possible out there will always be your way to big reward raids!

What Armory Upgrades to Focus On


First and foremost, upgrade the specific troop you find to be the most comfortable with. As stated before, having the highest upgrades possible will ensure your troops get the best performance during raids! Once you reach certain levels of the Armory (another reason upgrading it as often as possible is so important) you will find other important upgrades to make.

If you are able to level up BARRAGE, this is always my second upgrade priority. Barrage is one of the most important tools in the game, and knowing when and how to use it will save your troops in all raids. Artillery shells follow closely in third. The more damage these gunboat weapons have, the better your chances of a successful raid are.

In addition to knowing what to upgrade, knowing what NOT to upgrade can be just as important. For me I use riflemen only, and just recently upgraded the Heavy Zooka combo. By diverting all my efforts to Riflemen, I have not wasted gold worrying about tank upgrades. I would strongly suggest the same to everyone. If I am never going to use a troop, why would I want to waste the time and resources it takes to upgrade it?

Armory Tricks


You will find the higher and higher you go with your Armory, like everything else is the game, the more expensive it becomes to upgrade. At level 17 Armory, almost all my upgrades are 3,000,000 gold and up. When I’m short on gold, I always call on the Masterpiece Statues to do work! A Gold Masterpiece statue is extremely beneficial, and boosting the masterpiece lasts for 3 days and can double your gold output. In that time, you should have received plenty of gold to make the appropriate upgrades inside your armory.

By upgrading your armory to its highest level and focusing on your troops and gunboat weapons, beating players higher ranked than you will become second nature.


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