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Upgrading Order Guide in Boom Beach

There are a lot of choices for you to upgrade in Armory especially as you rise in level and more Troops and defenses are available to you. Many players may don’t know what to upgrade first with limited resources. Actually, the upgrade order in Armory mainly depends on your play style, but there are a few rules you should know:


1. Upgrade your Artillery and Barrage
Artillery is often the very first thing you release in an attack to take out certain defenses before the Troops land. And although Barrages is used less than Artillery, it is also highly useful in most attacks. Given its predominance, upgrading your Artillery to the maximum available at your current Armory level should always be your first priority. After that, you should upgrade your Barrage.

2. Focus on Just One or Two Troop Strategies
Remember to focus on just one or two Troop strategies. Are you a Warrior Rush or is the classic Heavy-Zooka more of your Troop strategy? Either way, pick your Troop and maximize its upgrades before upgrading the others. Just don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to keep all the upgrades even.

3. Upgrade Medkit and Shock Bomb Over Mine
All of the Medkit, Shock Bomb and Mine are lower priority, but you’ll want to upgrade the Medkit and Shock Bomb before you spend valuable gold on Mines and Boom Mines. Although the Mines are an important part of your base defense strategy, they’re relatively easy for attackers to circumvent. Keeping your Medkit and Shock Bomb upgraded, however, keeps your Troops alive longer and ultimately increases your chance to successfully attack the enemy.

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