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Update: “Turtle Raiders of the Lost Archipelago”

– Save multiple base layouts (unlocks at HQ 13)
– Share attack and defense replays with your Task Force
– 50 NPC levels
– Starfish

– LOTS of new building upgrade level graphics!
– LOTS of bug fixes!
– Critters no longer follow Flares, receive Medic/Medkit healing or statue bonuses
– Added player #tags
– Better boss banter
– Gearheart event has more reward thresholds, starting at 2 Gears

– Gearheart event resource rewards increased
– Hammerman on the hunt event rewards increased at the higher VP ranges
– Dr. Terror difficulty increased, with stage 7 being as challenging as stage 20 used to be (we made a mistake when setting the stage 2-7 difficulty curve, so this balance change makes Dr. Terror as tough as he’s supposed to be)
– Critters’ damage and health increased slightly
– Power Core health increased to 200k (from 160k)
– Some Power Base layouts have been tweaked
– Turtle and crab population reduced

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