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Update Today!

Maintenance is over and  Boom Beach is back online!

What’s new:

Visual Upgrades:

  • New in-game Tank models are now rolling out with improved graphics, animations and effects!
  • More lively home base with Sawmill, Quarry and Iron Mine animations, people entering Residences, and smoke from chimneys
  • Native Kual villages now have a distinctive style
  • New Kual resource boat graphics
  • New Machine Gun and Boom Mine graphics

Interface Improvements:

  • Wealth of information in new info screen popups: tap any building or troop statistic to get detailed info
  • Glorious new victory screen!
  • Boom Beach is now available in Japanese and Turkish
  • Improved legibility: 1 and 7 are more distinguishable, text size increased on the iPhone, and other font tweaks
  • Added 3 second delay to Statue reclaim confirmation to reduce risk of accidental reclaiming

Balance Changes:

  • Dr. Terror has upgraded his replicators: he now mass produces mines and tougher defenses!
  • Player base resource reward decreased
  • Gold income from freed Kual villages decreased slightly
  • Defensive statue boost time decreased to 8 hours
  • Using more than one Power Powder to boost one statue will queue up the boosts
  • Removed Power Stone glitter from destroyed building debris
  • Added a special three Crystal reward for destroying the #1 player’s base!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where logging in often resulted in fewer Blackguard invasions
  • Many other bug fixes and optimizations!

^ Fancy new in-game tank model in action!!

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