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Update: “Kingdom of the Crystal Seashell”

– Headquarters Level 21
– Armory Level 21 brings new upgrades for Troops and Gunboat Abilities
– Boost your HQ’s durability with a new prototype defense: the Shield Generator
– Stun enemy troops with a shocking new mine: the Shock Mine
– More achievements
– Seashells

– Co-Leader rank to share the burden of command
– Co-Leaders can do almost everything the Leader can do, except:
– They can’t demote or kick the Leader or other Co-Leaders
– They can’t promote anyone to Leader
– Intel prices reduced for all operations
– New Power Base layouts
– More visibility on operation attack participation
– Task Force description edits are visible in the chat
– The Leader, Co-Leaders and Officers have colored names in the chat
– Prototype defense weapons now appear on Power Bases

– Hammerman on the hunt event has been revamped to include seven stages
– He’s also learnt how to use Gunboat Abilities…
– Conveniently reinforce your Landing Crafts while on the map screen
– Change Landing Craft troops without having to cancel currently reinforcing troops first
– Get more recommended Task Forces with a handy new “get more” button
– Added an effect for when a prototype defense weapon is about to expire
– The Armory now animates when an upgrade is in progress
– Player #tag popup is disabled when attacking
– An epic win sound plays if you get at least one Power Stone Crystal
– Added new loading screen hints
– Popovers now close by tapping the button that opened them
– Added attacker’s name to the Activity Log
– A bunch of new and updated graphics
– Lots of bug fixes

– Prototype defense weapons now last for 7 days instead of 12 days
– Hammerman on the hunt event will yield more prototype modules
– “???” diving spots will sometimes give prototype modules
– Damage Amplifier has been improved with a bigger effect radius and more health
– Re-worked the distribution of module costs to take the Shield Generator into account
– Level 1 prototype weapons cost two modules more in total
– Level 3 prototype weapons cost six modules less in total
– Doom Cannon now shoots every 5 seconds at all levels (previously 5s, 4s, 3s) and its damage per shot has been significantly increased for levels 2 and 3
– Shock Blaster damage reduced

– The ability to save/load Resource Base layouts (it was left in the last update by mistake)

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  1. I have seen the seashell startup hint twice but never get to read it fully. What am I supposed to do with the seashells?

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