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Upcoming Update!

Visual Upgrades:

  • New in-game Tank models are now rolling out with improved graphics, animations and effects!
  • More lively home base with Sawmill, Quarry and Iron Mine animations, people entering Residences, and smoke from chimneys
  • Native Kual villages now have a distinctive style
  • New Kual resource boat graphics
  • New Machine Gun and Boom Mine graphics

Interface Improvements:

  • Wealth of information in new info screen popups: tap any building or troop statistic to get detailed info
  • Glorious new victory screen!
  • Boom Beach is now available in Japanese and Turkish
  • Improved legibility: 1 and 7 are more distinguishable, text size increased on the iPhone, and other font tweaks
  • Added 3 second delay to Statue reclaim confirmation to reduce risk of accidental reclaiming

Balance Changes:

  • Dr. Terror has upgraded his replicators: he now mass produces mines and tougher defenses!
  • Player base resource reward decreased
  • Gold income from freed Kual villages decreased slightly
  • Defensive statue boost time decreased to 8 hours
  • Using more than one Power Powder to boost one statue will queue up the boosts
  • Removed Power Stone glitter from destroyed building debris
  • Added a special three Crystal reward for destroying the #1 player’s base!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where logging in often resulted in fewer Blackguard invasions
  • Many other bug fixes and optimizations!

^ Fancy new in-game tank model in action!!

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  1. Many of my boom
    Beach friends including myself have just about had enough of this game. It is next to
    Impossible to
    Get ahead now. Getting way too difficult to enjoy it. Wont be long and we are gone if it does. Ot lighten up soon

    • rotting christ

      if its getting to difficult to enjoy it maybe you just suck at the game and need to learn to be better. i think the game is getting better. if you want to leave then bye who fucking cares. dont think they are going to change the whole game just to save your loser ass from leaving lol

  2. thanks for the decreases, so that people need to be fully commited to this one game in order to get ahead.. and of course, give you guys more time to do nothing or waste time only on graphic changes.. wtf?

  3. Already hard enough to get resources without paying money for game and now u make less gained from other people and Kual villages? Terrible news

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