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Upcoming Update: “The Third Dimension Strikes Back” (Version 13.58.1)

Coming in this update…

Visual upgrades:

  • New 3D characters
  • New defense building graphics
  • New unit animations with more orientations
  • Added male native islander character
  • Improved textures and effects

Interface improvements:

  • Lots of UI elements tweaked to fit unified graphics style
  • Resource bases are now teased through the clouds
  • Popup info bubbles for Boss and Resource Base teasers
  • Power Powder is back with a new icon!
  • New languages

Game and balance changes:

  • Level 14-20 Headquarters and Command Center health increased
  • Power Powder boost times decreased
  • Lots of bug fixes and optimizations!

^ Tutorial guy is all 3D and sprucy now!

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