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TOWN HALL 11 + New Hero! Clash of Clans ClashCon Update Reveal!

Clash of Clans ClashCon reveals Town Hall 11 and the new Ancient Defense + a New Hero! Town Hall 11 Brings Clash of Clans a third hero, defensive doom beam building and white ancient look
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  1. It's official. The new hero is a Wizard king.

  2. I think it is the wizard king?

  3. its the defense for town hall lvl 11

  4. I think it is a wizard hero

  5. I think the new hero may be witch or valkyrine queen

  6. what about the Phoenix gaze

  7. Who wanted a Giant King?

  8. grand warden is the hero.

  9. I think the hero will be a lich king/wizard sort of thing

  10. it's a king with a book and staff he is wearing a crown

  11. Marcus: "Berserker! Anya, a little help here?"

    Hammer of Dawn is online, calibrating satellites, target acquired.

  12. It is the grand wizerd

  13. I know because I have the update

  14. i say its a bird wizard because it has a wing, a beak, and a staff.

  15. It is called grand wardan

  16. Its a grand warden and the new defense is a eagle artillery

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    TOWN HALL 11 + New Hero! Clash of Clans ClashCon Update Reveal!

  18. It's a eagele altileree and grand warden is the new hero i got it last saturday

  19. I think it's going 2 be called Grand Warden XD who is watching in 2016

  20. there is a new hero call grand warden and that thing is eagle atllary

  21. grand wardon dont know what he doing

  22. Its a grand warden and its an Eagle tower.
    Message from the future

  23. i know what is that eagle arttilery and hero is grand warden

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