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Top 7 Boom Beach Tips and Strategies for Advanced Players

1. The Boom Beach “Simulate Attack” cheat
If you want to see what the outcome of the battle would be without actually losing any of your troops, you can! Simply attack any base you want and as soon as the battle starts, swipe up the base of your iPhone or iPad and select the option to enter “Airplane Mode”. You will lose connection and progress won’t be saved, but you can still attack the base. Send your troops, adapt your strategy and see how it goes. After the battle is over, simply quit the game, turn off the Airplane mode and restart it. You can now attack knowing exactly what the outcome would be or wait to improve your troops!

2. Focus on getting the resource bases
Upgrade your Radar constantly to get to see as much of the map as possible, then focus on capturing and holding the resource bases (which give you wood or ore) to increase the number of these resources back home. I personally never seem to have enough wood in Boom Beach and probably you’re in a similar situation, so this will really help!

3. Warriors can really help you win battles
As soon as you upgrade your Headquarters to level 7, you can start recruiting the powerful Warrior, an extremely useful unit that can really help you win the impossible battles. With a huge attack rating and the ability to win back hit points with each blow, he is extremely useful, but his low hp make him extremely vulnerable, so strategize well before using this unit. Best idea would be to launch a Tank or two to draw fire, then launch the warriors. Use the Shock Boom as often as possible to freeze the defenses of the enemy and give the Warrior a chance to destroy them, and also use the Healing power-up as often as possible. With this strategy, you can easily take out any base!

4. “Hide” defenses behind trees
Whether we’re talking about your home base or the resource islands, your mortars and rocket launchers will perform a lot better if you place them behind trees. This helps for two reasons: first, troops will find it more difficult to reach them and second, they will launch more attacks before being taken down.

5. Don’t rush to collect the resources from boats
These resources are safe from enemy attacks, so if you already have enough resources, don’t hurry to collect those too, and keep them as a “deposit” for when you really need some extra resources.

6. Don’t rush to attack mercenary bases
The mercenary islands are actually bases of other players playing the game. It might be wise not to attack them right away and wait until they start piling up resources (maybe for an upgrade). Scout them constantly and see what they’re doing and only attack when their resources are at maximum levels, for maximum gains.

7. Don’t hold defensive buildings too close to each other
Having your defensive buildings too close to each other will make it a lot easier for Battleship attacks to take them down. Keep the distance and make sure the attacking players will have to send a rocket for each for your defensive buildings and won’t damage more with one attack.

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  1. nice tips and tricks , ill be looking for more,

  2. Heres The troops That Wont Let You Down Tanks + Medics Grenaiders + the gunmen Scorchers + Zookas And Last But Not Least Warriors + Medics

    • Tip 4 seems wrong – why do trees slow down an attack?

      I think using resource buildings just in front of defensive ones slow down an attack and give ur defenses more time to shoot them.

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