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Top 5 ways to save up for expensive upgrades

When it comes to getting resources, everyone would probably tell you the best way to do it is to raid frequently. But here’s the thing, the more you raid, the higher Victory Points you get, the more difficult the enemy is. Plus, there’s only a limited number of bases available on your map at any given time. So you need to think of a strategy to not only win more, but also save more.

Here are my Top 5 tips on how to do that:

5) Keep Calm & Redesign Your Base

Redesigning your base layout takes a bit of time investment, but it is the most basic thing that you must do in order to keep your resources safe. To make it easy for you, go visit those Top player bases, find one that you like, take a screenshot of it and copy the layout. Nothing beats enjoying a good cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon while editing your base.

4) Ops, Ops and Away

One thing you should know, Ops rewards are based on the Task Force (TF) performance as a whole (not by your individual performance). So if you are a low-level player in a mid/high-level TF, do not be afraid of making small sacrifices to destroy key defense buildings to help your fellow teammates reach the Power Core comfortably. Get your TF to start Ops daily to enjoy steady stream of income to help you save.

3) Let your Statues Shine

If you play Boom Beach daily just like me, you’ll probably notice that you have a good amount of Power Powder available at your disposal. Boosting your life (green) statues gets your economy buildings to produce more resources and it lasts for 3 days. Boosting your ice (blue) statues makes your defense stronger and it lasts for 10 hours. So stop being stingy and use your Power Powder to boost your statues!

2) Maximum Vault-age

The Vault keeps a portion of your resources safe when your base is destroyed. The higher the vault level, the more resources you can save from enemy raids. It has always been the first thing I upgrade whenever I finish upgrading my HQ. Follow this tip and you’ll be able to upgrade other things faster.

1) Ladies & Gentlemen, it’s Boom’s Day!


Marathon runners say the last Mile is the hardest. I personally feel the same way when it comes to saving up the last 30-40% of resources for an expensive upgrade. So what do I do? I’d go for what I like to call the Boom’s Day strategy.

Boom’s Day is essentially Dr. Terror’s Day (i.e. Wed / Sat). But it is also a day when you can maximize the amount of resources you get by doing the following things:

Prior to Boom’s Day:

  • 2-3 days prior to Boom’s Day, look for opponents on your map with high potential loot value and DO NOT attack them. Keep them on your map until Boom’s Day.
  • If you do not have daily Ops, start one within 24 hours prior to Boom’s Day.
  • Start a submarine dive that lasts for less than 24 hours

On Boom’s Day:

  • Boost your Magma statues & Dark resource reward statues, if you have any.
  • Collect Ops, VIP, Submarine dive & resource bases rewards
  • Attack all bases in your map including as many stages as you can on Dr. Terror’s base.


Using this strategy you will get all kinds of rewards + Dr. Terror’s loot + High value loot from attacking those player bases you kept prior to Boom’s Day, ALL WITHIN JUST ONE DAY (even possibly within just a few hours!). Don’t forget to congratulate yourself and make an announcement to your team mates when you can finally afford that expensive upgrade.


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