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Top 5 ways to save up for expensive upgrades

5) Keep Calm & Redesign Your Base

Redesigning your base layout takes a bit of time investment, but it is the most basic thing that you must do in order to keep your resources safe. To make it easy for you, go visit those Top player bases, find one that you like, take a screenshot of it and copy the layout. Nothing beats enjoying a good cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon while editing your base :)

4) Ops, Ops and Away

One thing you should know, Ops rewards are based on the Task Force (TF) performance as a whole (not by your individual performance). So if you are a low-level player in a mid/high-level TF, do not be afraid of making small sacrifices to destroy key defense buildings to help your fellow teammates reach the Power Core comfortably. Get your TF to start Ops daily to enjoy steady stream of income to help you save.

3) Let your Statues Shine

If you play Boom Beach daily just like me, you’ll probably notice that you have a good amount of Power Powder available at your disposal. Boosting your life (green) statues gets your economy buildings to produce more resources and it lasts for 3 days. Boosting your ice (blue) statues makes your defense stronger and it lasts for 10 hours. So stop being stingy and use your Power Powder to boost your statues!

2) Maximum Vault-age

The Vault keeps a portion of your resources safe when your base is destroyed. The higher the vault level, the more resources you can save from enemy raids. It has always been the first thing I upgrade whenever I finish upgrading my HQ. Follow this tip and you’ll be able to upgrade other things faster.

1) Ladies & Gentlemen, it’s Boom’s Day!


Marathon runners say the last Mile is the hardest. I personally feel the same way when it comes to saving up the last 30-40% of resources for an expensive upgrade. So what do I do? I’d go for what I like to call the Boom’s Day strategy.

Boom’s Day is essentially Dr. Terror’s Day (i.e. Wed / Sat). But it is also a day when you can maximize the amount of resources you get by doing the following things:

Prior to Boom’s Day:

  • 2-3 days prior to Boom’s Day, look for opponents on your map with high potential loot value and DO NOT attack them. Keep them on your map until Boom’s Day.
  • If you do not have daily Ops, start one within 24 hours prior to Boom’s Day.
  • Start a submarine dive that lasts for less than 24 hours

On Boom’s Day:

  • Boost your Magma statues & Dark resource reward statues, if you have any.
  • Collect Ops, VIP, Submarine dive & resource bases rewards
  • Attack all bases in your map including as many stages as you can on Dr. Terror’s base.


Using this strategy you will get all kinds of rewards + Dr. Terror’s loot + High value loot from attacking those player bases you kept prior to Boom’s Day, ALL WITHIN JUST ONE DAY (even possibly within just a few hours!).

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  1. I try this strategy and still struggle to save up resources … I am level 40 and have hit a wall where I have updated as much as possible yet unfortunately I cannot save any more to keep leveling up items or level up my HQ to get the items I really need; as I am attacked daily (weather I attack other bases or not) and lose my resources (I have a safe that protects 78%) as fast as I gain them. Typically I am attacked by players much higher in level (8 to 12 levels) as well as players much lower in (level 6 to 10 levels) the lower level players have either troops I cant afford and decimate my base (dont understand how they can have troops higher levels since they would need a higher HQ then I have to build them since I cant build a Higher level HQ due to having to level up more and find a way to save up millions of resources) or it is someone with level 1 tanks that take no damage from any of my defenses (strange as my level 4 tanks and medics are easily destroyed by simple defenses when I strategically attack other bases …where sniper nests and machine guns will take out all my tanks in about 10 seconds … while my boom canons and boom mines cannot damage a level 1 attacking tank on my base???)

    Lets also talk about boom mines why is it when my base is attacked I watch as tanks and troops drive over the boom mines and they dont blow up right away and do almost no damage (I have high level boom mines and regular mines) yet when I am attacking I can be a full tank length away from the enemy mines and they blow up destroying a large chunk of my troops … I have lost 16 level 14 zookas that were not even close to one mine that blew up in a single blast).

    Ok back to the matter at hand if I do start to attack other players bases I am retaliated against heavily within 5 minutes of my successful attack and then I am bombarded with player attacks against me for the rest of the day and the next few days following rendering any resources null and void. I guess I get put on a board somewhere as an easy target by the person I beat and retaliated against by high level players. even if I am on playing for awhile trying to attack multiple bases and are rebuilding troops I get some message from boom beach saying that I need to log off as their are players waiting to attack my base … seriously come on why do you guys help line up people to attack me when I am just a lower level players it is unfair !!!

    I have had fun with the game but I have hit a road block where I cant play anymore as the bases that populate on my world map are way beyond stronger then I have even the slightest chance to attack and waiting to regenerate a new enemy player pr NPC base only populates a higher level base each time I click on this option as well as constantly being attacked by players much higher then me or players much lower then me with hacked accounts to have troops they should not have at that level has rendered me to being an idol target that struggles to collect resources without having them taken away right after collection.

    What happened to game balance? What happened to getting rid of cheaters 🙁 (ps almost tall the low level cheaters I encounter ALL HAVE FOREIGN CHARACTER NAMES can I just play against people in my own country ??? let the hackers overseas play against other hackers)

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