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Top 5 things you wish you knew when you started

Looking back, there are a ton of mistakes and simple things that would have helped us a lot as beginners. Here are our Top 5 Thing You Wish You Knew When You Started.

Silly Hats Only

Even if you have extra room on a landing craft, you can only fit one type of unit per landing craft. Despite working well together, Who knew the troops could be so cliquey?

Asleep on the Job

Upgrading buildings is awesome. You get more resources, stronger defenses, and new units and abilities. However, when you upgrade a defensive building, all personnel abandon watch and the defense goes inactive. Not very good when your soon-to-be level 2 sniper tower watches as the enemy chips away at your HQ. Upgrade your defenses when you don’t have extra resources or when you have time to keep watch on them.

Might have been a good time to be on guard.

Might have been a good time to be on guard.

What Objective

Turns out the HQ is for more than microwaving Hot Pockets and snoozing during downtime. Even if your buildings and defenses could break a battleship, if your HQ gets destroyed it’s the end for the rest of your base. Have to make sure your defenses protect your HQ.

Our forward defense is strong! But I feel like we've forgotten something important here...
Our forward defense is strong! But I feel like we’ve forgotten something important here…

Mind the Gap

You’d think making an impenetrable wall/block of defenses around your HQ would give maximum protection – not a single space where the enemy could creep through. However, this is, unfortunately, not the case, and stacking your buildings on top of each other makes it very easy to destroy multiple of them with a couple well-placed artillery shots. Space out your buildings.

Next up, a sniper tower and a mortar for the price of one.

There’s a Path There

So you’ve figured it all out. Upgrade your defenses when you don’t have a ton of extra resources, space out your buildings so they don’t all get destroyed by the same artillery round, and make sure you have defenses near your HQ. What could go wrong? Well, have you considered the trees? Yes, that seemingly overwhelming barricade of mangroves is actually a whelming open path for enemy troops. A few flares, and the enemy could be knocking at your HQ’s backdoor. Make sure you have defenses covering the rear!

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