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Top 4 HQ 17-18 Base Designs

“The Heart”


This Base works the best when it is placed at the back of your Island, and it defends against most troop types. This base is truly a Moderate base for new lvl 18 HQ players. So if you’ve just upgraded from 17 to 18, this should be a good setup.

“The Classic Corner”


This is a Common Setup, and I see players with this setup all the time. The Headquarters is placed in the top right corner of the island with mines laid down in front of the HQ. This is a good warrior defense. It prevents players from warrior rushing up the side of your island. This base works well with a high level Shock Launcher.

“The Front Line”


This Base is Up front and personal. As soon as an enemy attacks and places there troops your defenses will start hammering them. It deals lots of damage but your headquarters is much closer to the beach. This base works well with high level Boom Cannons and Machine Guns. Depending on which buildings you have closest to the shore, it might also be weak to grenadiers since machine guns, cannons, and flamethrowers will not be able to reach them.

“The Storage-o-Holic”


This base is a very common setup. This is the kind of Base where you have to make a sacrifice by placing all your defensive buildings up front and leaving all your other buildings behind them. By keeping the storage buildings away from the front line, attacking players can’t destroy them and lower your HQ health. But if they manage to get behind your base with smoked troops or Critters, you can probably kiss your Base Goodbye..


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