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Tips for Using Warriors without Smoke Screen

Warriors Rush can be said as a very powerful Troop strategy in Boom Beach. Advanced players can use Warriors Rush with Smoke to take down many bases easily. But as a player hasn’t unlocked Smoke Screen, it is not so easy to use Warriors Rush well. So let’s see what should you do:

1. Bypass the Mines

Many Warriors players will ignore the Mines and rush to the Headquarter, this is not a good strategy. If you let your Warriors to run over the Mines, the Health Hit of them will decrease dramatically. Even your Warriors can reach the Headquarter, you will not have enough GBE to shock the defense buildings around the Headquarter. All of your Warriors will be killed quickly. So you cannot ignore the Mines on your Warriors’ attack route, if you can bypass the Mines just do it.

2. Not Need to Destroy all the Rocket Launchers

You do not need to destroy all the Rocket Launchers on the base, such as the level 1 Rocket Launcher, as they can do little damage to your Warriors. But you need to take down the higher level Rocket Launcher according to the level of your Warriors. Destroying the Rocker Launcher that would do little harm to your Warriors is not worth the time, and it would do necessary loss.

3. Use Shock Bomb Wisely

The first throw of Shock Bomb will cost you 7 BGE, and the second one is 12 GBE, and third one is 17 GBE. So the more Shock Bomb you use, the more GBE you will spend on each Shock Bomb. So some Warriors player will not willing to use so many Shock Bombs, and claim that they do not have enough GBE. But trust me, using Shock Bomb can be more effectively than using Barrages.


4. Master the Attack Range of Sniper Tower

Warriors Rush should be used quickly. So you should mind the details of the battle and grasp the good chance to use the Gunboat Weaponry. It is very important for you to master the attack range of Sniper Tower before the battle.

5. Destroy the Machine Gun and Flame Thrower

Machine Gun and Flame Thrower can be very dangerous to Warriors. So you should destroy these two kinds of defense buildings firstly.

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