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Tips for Attacking with the Heavy

The Heavy is an amazing troop to have at your disposal. He can take an enormous amount of damage and stay in the fight for an extended period of time. The Heavy is best used to draw fire away from your other troops, allowing others to do the actual damage. Typically, this is referred to as the “meat shield” strategy.

It’s very important to remember that the Heavy can’t really go it alone. An all-Heavy army wouldn’t be able to produce the damage output necessary to take out a base.

Although Heavies can take a beating, high damage single-shot defenses like the Cannon and Boom Cannon can really hurt, so try to take these defenses out with Artillery or Barrage before your land on the beach. Alternately, you can use the Shock Bomb after the fighting starts to keep these defenses from taking out your Heavies.

Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind when attacking with the Heavy:

  • The Heavy is a fantastic troop to deploy ahead of other troops. Although he does low damage per second, he is capable of taking hits from Flamethrowers, Mortars, and other defenses. Mines do not do much damage against Heavies, but they can be wiped out by Cannons. A great attack stratagy is to pair Heavies with Zookas.
  • It is critical to direct your troops with Flares when using a Heavy + Zooka army. Sometimes, the Zookas might get too close to the Heavies, causing them to be within the ranges of Flamethrowers or Machine Guns.
  • When using this strategy, be careful not to Flare right on a Rocket Launcher, because the Heavies will walk very close into the Rocket Launcher’s blind spot, leaving the Zookas vulnerable to the Rocket Launcher’s attacks. The same is true for Mortars.
  • Be sure to deploy your other troops (although not Zookas or Tanks due to their slow movement speed) a few seconds after your Heavies to prevent them from running past. Keep your Heavies in front at all times!

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