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Tips for Attacking with Tanks

The Tank is a powerful force to be reckoned with. It’s one of the last troops that you unlock in the game, and with good reason. When used correctly, it can be devastating. Learning to master the Tank can be an arduous–and expensive–process. Luckily, this guide will help you with proper Tank attack strategy.

The first thing to remember about Tanks is that they’re slow. Very, very slow. They move slowly and they shoot slowly. But they can absorb a lot of damage and when they do fire a shot, it delivers quite a punch. Several tanks attacking at once can make quick work of island defenses.

The second thing to know about Tanks is that there are three defenses they must avoid at all costs. These are the Cannon, the Boom Cannon, and the Boom Mine. All three do double damage against Tanks and can quickly rip them to shreds.

So when it comes right down to it, your strategy with Tanks is really quite simple and boils down to the following:

  1. Attack with as many tanks as possible.
  2. Take out any nearby Cannons, Boom Cannons and Boom Mines first with Artillery and/or Barrage.
  3. Take out the remaining Cannons, Boom Cannons, and Boom Mines with additional Artillery once you’ve amassed enough Gunboat Energy from destroying other buildings.
  4. Keep your Tanks healed, either with Medkits from your Gunboat or with Medics if you have them.

Here are a few additional tips and tricks to keep in mind with Tanks:

  • Tanks in large numbers are almost unstoppable, except by extremely well-planned defenses.
  • Tanks with Medics is yet another great strategy, because the tanks have high health and high damage, backed up by Medics that will constantly heal your Tanks. If high DPS defensive buildings, such as Cannons or Boom Cannons are destroyed, then Tanks can practically no longer be harmed heavily.
  • When rolling out an all-Tank invasion force, make use of your Flares to move away from Boom Mines, or Barrage /Artillery the Boom Mines first.

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