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THIS COULD MAKE ME $20,000!! Clash Royale Kings Cup 2 | OnePlus 5 Review

Thanks to OnePlus for sponsoring Kings Cup and this video!
Find out more info http://www.oneplus.net
Check out the King’s Cup here www.kingscuptournament.com

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  1. Wooow Im gonna buy this one ( I have one plus 3 )

  2. I am continuously losing and it's really frustrating 😤😤plz help me. I was in hog mountain and now fell to jungle arena with very bad trophies 😭😭😭😭plz help 😟😟

  3. The Ultra Nytes kings cup deck is awesome. Usually a three crown each time I use it! Thanks Nick for the deck (I'm assuming it's yours!) and the vids!!

  4. man whoever made the sparky inferno dragon deck is an ass lol I keep getting it and I cant play it to save my life

  5. Hey Nick I just played your Deck in kings cup 2 challenge, instant 3-0!!

  6. We need a PANDA recruitment


  8. hey nick, would you like to try my bit expencif but fun mega knight deck? i reached the 3400 cups with it as a lvl 9!
    and i would like to see if it works in the legendary arena. my deck: mega knight,battle ram,baby D,zapp, wizz,musk,graveyard and skarmy. have fun and thx

  9. Nick the deck your made (mega nytes) is so fucking bad. Whenever you get you lose 90% of the times. Im in elite challenge so not a noob

  10. Omg nick I just got the best idea for a sparky buff what if you could tap on sparky while he is charging to shoot at a target it would depend how charged he is but it would be perfect

  11. I play on my samsung S8, and i really wanna try to play CR on an ipad! Can anyone tell me if its better on an ipad or a phone?

  12. What is the name of the screen recorder ??

  13. Looks like a worse iphone…

    Would buy nothing of it

  14. Well I guess so people place the troops in the wrong spot…

  15. Who else got a 1+ 5 advert before the video?

  16. How did you not know what Dash Charge was…

  17. jeez 2.6 mill subs and cant even sync his voice to the recording. WTF. dude

  18. My father got oneplus2

  19. I have oneplus 2,is a very good phone

  20. Why'd u lose my dood

  21. It has 6GB of RAM…By Jelly

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