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“THINGS go BAD FAST!” Boom Beach Dr T, Gearheart & Operation Challenge Attacks!

Playing Boom Beach where you never know what to expect! Showing off Dr T Volcano stage 7, Colonel Gearheart’s new War Factory, and a funny operation challenge attack with only riflemen and grenadiers!
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Hey! I’m Nick, I go by nickatnyte.
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  1. "You're stepping on a mine" ~ Nickatnyte 2016

  2. u should do a whole episode for getting resource bases like the comment if u agree

  3. for the new supercell game clash royale check my chanel dont forget to subscribe and like thx

  4. No double hit challenge?

  5. That blackriver is a solo base…

  6. Die erste Kriegsfabrik die ich angegriffen hab war dieselbe ^^

  7. I had a base with 17 shield generator

  8. do a no refill, no gunboat energy with only zookas

  9. I've got a challenge for you Nick. Get your vps up!

  10. Hi,Nick I'd like to join Your Task force nickatday:)

  11. They need to add silver so there can be dark troops

  12. Random critter at the cannon

  13. nickatnyte can you please make a video on 50% scorcher and 50% grenadier raids either on Dr.t or Player bases

  14. i feel sorry about you

  15. Seriously dudes, after days doing research, I finally found the method
    to get free Boom beach diamonds. Right here is the new edition of the
    hack tool all you need to do is to search " maxiesguides " on google.

  16. Hey nick on boom beach can I join but your gonna have to change your trophies to 100 I'm your biggest fan?

  17. Do a heavy zooka gear Heart

  18. Really dudes, I finally found the method to make Boom beach resources. A whole new working version has been released just search " maxiesguides " in google.

  19. y don't u use critters wen u shock the shock launchers????

  20. Join Seasiders. We are a 50 man English speaking task force looking for active recruits of any level and working our way up the ops. #L2R2PYJ

  21. Nick why didn't u use scorchers

  22. Nick in 3 weeks I am going to Florida!!

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