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The Heroes Update has arrived!

Commander, the long awaited Heroes Update has arrived! Sgt. Brick and Cpt. Everspark eagerly await your command.

In this post, we’ll take you through everything that this update has in store! Read it carefully Commander, because Heroes aren’t your normal troops. These super powerful allies will completely change the way you play Boom Beach.

Sgt. Brick Means Business


You can’t build a house without some bricks. Just like you can’t build an army without Sgt. Brick. Like any talented drill sergeant, she knows all the tricks to rally a team and build everyone back up when they’ve fallen. Like a brick, she’s great when thrown in a fight. But she’s also got heart. Bricks don’t usually have those. Sgt. Brick will join you at HQ 4+ after the Hero Hut is repaired.


You’ll now find the Hero Hut near the shore, waiting for repair. This is home base for your Heroes. Fix it up, and they’ll join your army to defeat the Blackguard.


Specializing in mechanical warfare, Captain Everspark wields a high-voltage battle wrench that shoots bursts of energy directly at her enemies. Her Hero status means she’ll never need training—if Everspark is KO’d in battle you’ll find her back at the Hero Hut recharged and ready to go again. Electrifying!



Stealthy and stylish, The Trader lives for the deal. Keep an eye out for her signature red submarine, which appears on your shoreline once a week, between Friday and Sunday. She has new deals every week, and the valuable Hero Tokens needed to upgrade their abilities.



Acquire tickets by earning Supply Chests and collecting your daily reward boats. The Trader would love to have these!



Purchase these with Tickets from the Trader for a chance at big loot and Hero Tokens.

The Hero Token

The Hero Token

Use Hero Tokens to upgrade your Hero’s abilities! They can be found at the Trader.


Gain tickets from the Supply Chest and the Daily Reward boat and the Trader will accept them in exchange for Crates. She arrives at 6:00pm on Fridays.

Heros Tutorial

Additional Changes

We’ve made balancing adjustments and defensive buffs to compliment the addition of Heroes

Machine Gun

Now has a tighter spread, making it more effective on defense.

Prototype Defense

Second Prototype defense now available at Weapon’s Lab level 3

Prototype Defense x 3

A third Prototype Defense can be built at Weapon’s Lab Level 5

Barbed Wire Fixes

Barbed Wire can no longer be Shock Bombed

Lots of fixes

Many minor bugs were stamped out

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Commander, it’s Medic-MANIA! From Friday through Monday Medic training cost is 90% off!

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