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THE BEST TIP I CAN GIVE YOU! | Boom Beach Victory Point Problem

Today I share one of my best Boom Beach tips about Victory Points! Boom Beach Gameplay & Tips Videos! Subscribe for more Boom Beach! – http://goo.gl/FgNEdO
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Boom Beach:

Storm the beach and win the day! Boom Beach is a combat strategy game where you fight an epic war against the evil Blackguard. Take your expeditionary force to beautiful paradise islands invaded by the enemy. Fight for every beachhead, free enslaved islanders and explore the uncharted archipelago. The fight becomes a race to harness the ancient powers hidden on the islands. Are you ready for the BOOM?

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Version: 16.5.1
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Developer: Supercell Oy
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Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Title: Pegboard Nerds – Disconnected
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  1. The only downside to this game is that it rewards the lazy and punishes the dilligent. Dropping VP is difficult bc beaching your HQ at night only drops one or two medals a day for me.

    If anybody is looking for a Task Force 200vp+ join our Players 4 Life with 3000 force points. We need some new blood 

  2. It's because of the rising count of farmers. I'm a farmer in my low lvl account as well and I can tell you how successful it is: a LOT

  3. I drop from 430 vp to 375 and im still match with player higher than me. now i only play for the events and task force. i am leve 45 HQ 17 and my opponents are 50 and hq 18 19 or 20..

  4. Thanks Ben, this has helped me a lot i pushed hard early just for the resources to upgrade mostly but the people tat attack me and i attack are to hard they step over my base like its nothing and i cant defeat anyone so i was starting to get frustrated. ill just stop playing for a little bit or just not clear my AI bases. but overall without this video i would have quit boom beach all together because im getting quite fed up with losing every single defense.

    • You are so right! I kept hearing, ‘ get to tanks then its no problem’. Then get to smoke screen & you have it made! Its BS! I’m lvl 32/hq 14 & fed up. With 272 vp I thought I was cruising but I’ve been defeated in everything for a week now. Its not fun anymore & I’m considering uninstalling the game.

  5. I'm a lvl 17 and I got matched with a 38

  6. In my case, I am in hq15, but I get players 7 levels higher than me. The ones that are lower than me almost always is  hq 17, and NO resources. I don't have prototypes and and can't upgrade things. I have tried putting hq out but too slow. What should I do? I can't clear my map everyday anyway. I should have stayed at 250. Any tips?

  7. yea I have like 15 bases thats on lvl 30-37 and their really hard

  8. wish i would have seen this video before i saw your medals push video.

  9. CRITICAL IMPORTANCE, look up on boom beach wiki the "victory point reward thresholds" because there are certain ranges that will give you a higher daily reward, your goal should be to get there and then to maintain it. Like for example, 300 is the threshold for 2shards per day, which is a lot more than the one shard you get for 299 or less.

  10. Another point is to have some things that you haven't upgraded for so long that they are very cheap to upgrade, this way you will never plateau or hit a wall.

  11. I am a level 32 and i get 36-46

  12. I think of it this way "it's a game. Games are supposed to be fun. For me, attacking people is fun."

  13. It's great advice, but please just stop waffling on about crap, just say what you need to say and be done with it.  You waste too much damn time!

  14. Best way to drop is put HQ on the beach and only attack NPC bases…

    NPC bases usually give only 1 VP so when they get taken back over it is a net gain of 1.

    You need to attack frequently to have loot for people to steal! Even if your HQ is on the beach you won't get attacked if you have nothing to steal. Other players know it's not worth gaining 2 VP for very little loot. It took a while to realize but it is worth sacrificing that loot to help lose VP.

    I usually stack my map. Boost then clear my map for big upgrades. Then for the next day or so while that upgrade is happening put my HQ on the beach but keep attacking NPC bases so I have loot to entice players to attack me. This way it only takes 1-2 days to drop back to where I want to be in VP then I can repeat the process again.

  15. I'm level 23 and I have 111 vp

  16. I cleared my map every day as fast as i could but then i was so high on VP that i got level 34-37 enemies when i was just 26
    Then i just tried to loose some by moving m hq to the front and it suprisingly worked i got attacked a few times and lost some vp! You just have to wait long

  17. yea…I wanted the 300 gem achievement (when u get 200 victory points ) and I pushed and pushed and got it… but now I'm going against level 35 players and I'm 31. they all have upgraded rockets and boom cannons and I don't have enough gbe to handle them.
    good vid bro. thanks. I'll back off a little and upgrade then go back and get em.

  18. I really hate how we have to wait to drop vp we all know the real reason is that we have to buy diamonds so we don't have to wait its all about getting us to buy the diamonds everything is better when you have diamonds

  19. But remember the higher level players the more resources you get so there are some advantages and some disadvantages

  20. Thanks! I wish I would have known that earlier! But I found out the hard way. Great help and videos! Keep it up!

  21. i hate dani he always war with me for recors bases

  22. it happened to me I'm lvl 24 and I faced a lvl 32 player

  23. Many decent tfs require 400 vp, so if you get that you can get better rewards too for large upgrades. Thou harder to stay in them due intel requirements might be high, and only way to collect intel is either to get raided what can be hard or more vp. Defensive intel is important staying in good tf.

  24. Hey Ben, would you run down your levels of your attack guys at the start of your vids?

  25. Level 15 / 105 VP.. getting level 22-27 bases.  Sigh.

  26. great advice. I ha e recently had people on my map that are 10 levels above me. it sucks loosing all my tanks trying to defeat the higher ranks.

  27. whats the average victory points for hq 1?

  28. Hi youtube ! My friend show me a real Boom Beach H4ck Gen.
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  29. iam lvl 25 and have 210 medals its so gr8 because iam so pro my tactics is to lvl up my boots and my scret store and my ship abilities so I stay defeat players above lvl 40

  30. more medals mean more resourse u take from enemies just keep your forces and your ships max lvl and spend all your money and woods in upgrads befor u go ofline so if any one attack u u will not lose any thing just use your brain noobs

  31. more medals mean more resourse u take from enemies just keep your forces and your ships max lvl and spend all your money and woods in upgrads befor u go ofline so if any one attack u u will not lose any thing just use your brain noobs

  32. how to beat hammerman?!

  33. Maybe if Supercell made a system where you lose a medal if you lost an attack someone higher ranked that would work

  34. ben i am 36 level and i have 273 is it too much?

  35. i just put my hq outside no defence .. attack everyone :D

  36. I swiped up to get a better view of the map lmao

  37. Is there anyone doing videos that give you actual tips …

  38. SuperCell needs to check the comments on this vid.

  39. im lvl 26, HQ 9 with 170 VP, in almost every search I get HQ 3+ harder bases, fkin sucks

  40. lvl 28 with 206 victory points and there is a lvl 60 on my map.

  41. Ben I'm a lvl 19 with 120 vp. I think I'm a little to high I'm finding players a lot tougher than me.

  42. NightHawks is my TF. You will know if your in the right one if you see me on the team. My player name is Dark Knight. I'm level 51 now.

  43. hq11 just started 12 and I'm facing people that are level 36-40 and once I had a 52 :(

  44. gd it listening to you mumble is the most painful experience. you should be more like nickatnyte

  45. I'm HQ 11 and I fase level 60 to 63

  46. Hello players !
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  48. I'm a lvl 34 on my second account and the highest player I've ever had is a 59!!!!!

  49. I don't have this problem. I clear my map all the time. Sometimes I let it load up and get a big jump. Now most of the invasions are from 61 to 65. I'm halfway through 57 and am digging it! If I get a really hard base I just keep an eye on him until his statues run out of powder of him lab weapons expire and he's all mine. if one is too tough even after that I just click for another opponent.

    I am Deez Nuts from BOOM Beach task force.

    Send an invite to join if lvl 55 and up. We have a whole lot of fun. Positive group, most of us are engineers.

  50. Thx for the great advice!!! Keep it coming, I only wish I would have seen your videos before I started Boom Beach. I have myself painted into a corner. Im lv 52, the lowest BG base is lv60? I only have 430vp, guess its tooo much?

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