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Task Forces Update!

Big Stuff:
– Task Forces have arrived!!!

Cool UI Stuff:
– The #1 player’s gold badge gets better with age!
– The longer you hold the top spot, the cooler your badge will become
– Tap a player’s gold badge to see more info
– Gunboat abilities have handy countdown timers where they land (thanks for this great suggestion, forumers!)
– Armory usability improvements
– Extra hint for Power Stone popover if the Sculptor hasn’t been built
– Online warning is now a less intrusive clickable icon (this appears after being online for 4 hours in a 24 hour period)
– Enemy Activity no longer auto-opens when entering the map screen

Neat Graphics Stuff:
– Possibility of rain on tropical islands
– Ash particles fall from the sky on volcanic islands

Dr. Terror Got Buff Stuff:
– Dr. Terror has built Shock Launchers
– Dr. Terror now harnesses the power of Ice Statues

Why are we doing this?
We think Dr. Terror is too easy for a lot of high level players, who can breeze through his 20 stages in 15 minutes or less, twice a week. This gives a huge resource injection without much challenge. Dr. Terror is a worthy adversary and clearing his 20 stages should be hard.

Economy Stuff:
– Treasure chests don’t spawn as often
– Dive Locations spawn more often
– Even faster invasion rate when the map has fewer opponents (meaning more bases to attack when your map is clear)
– Slower invasion rate when the map has lots of opponents
– To balance the above two points, your map won’t be able to house as many total invasions at any one time (which means a less overwhelmingly full map at times)
– Shorter build times for high level building upgrades
– More expensive Diamond speedups (this is to balance the above point)
– Less expensive resource purchases with Diamonds

Other Stuff:
– Many bug fixes and performance optimizations

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