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Task Force Name: Task Force Size: Type: Task Force description
jw.org 25 Open

A very active taskforce for JW's, just started July 2017. Op's 24/7. Must stay active and have fun.

GREAT WINNERS 50 Anyone can join


Thor's Beach 50 Open

Join us for high level operations

manuel 5 Open

je vous defi avous de jouer

MrCanoehead'sCo 10 Open

We need YOU!
If you're active and eager for missions, we need 2 reliable players betw. lvl 55 to 35

Grumpyolmenace 10 Open

Smaller but great guys to pair with. Looking for a few good players

Task Force 1 10 Anyone can join

free officer or co leader Attacking Stay active join on 9 August Leader Muhammad Zaib Me

kwityerbichin 10 Open

crush kill destroy - mellow TF - get more intel do bigger ops - OP EVERY DAY ALWAYS -

IslandDestroyrs 5 Open

Started by 2 veteran players with combined 4 years experience. Looking to build a strong 10 player t

New Dutch 50 Anyone can join

We are a dutch and english speaking TF. Playing Dead end or Deep cut. 80% succes. FZ players welcome

Les 5 Kamikazes 5 Open

Nouelle TF , OP quotidienne avec participation obligatoire .. 3 joueurs recherché !

2226 5 Open

Need one player. Level 55 or higher
We attack everyday

Los Guerreros 10 Open  
Overdose 4321 25 Anyone can join

Op daily members 650 to 105 VP. Do 75% of ops. Op ended 4 u got a shot. U get to do next one.

Kasavan 10 Anyone can join

new tf.any level welcome

Singapore 50 Open

For all Singaporeans! Join and be a pro in operations

Kreem sabry57@gamil.com 50 Open

اريد المزيد من الذهب و الخشب و الماس

-BOMBERS- 25 Open

force active française op tout les soirs se qui sont moins de 40 % seront exclus

Karachi pak 5 Anyone can join

My taskforce have 3 members please come I am waiting for you

IND 1 50 Anyone can join

if you indonesian please join our task force..... thank you 😀 😀

theultimate 5 Closed

We do operations every day we win every operation we participate in come and join us

xx immortals xx 50 Anyone can join


Cu tít 5 Open

Welcome to taks force 141

Saiyan Soldiers 10 Open

Active players trying to keep a steady flow of extra loot from task force missions.

Free gerbils 25 Open

Topp 100 tf rebuilding


All active's member's but we need more active new comers so that we can take massive and up OP's

youssef 50 Open


BbOeOnM 50 Open

Open, in need of those who are commited and work hard.

Str8 "Gs" 25 Open

we go in guns blazin with no fear and no care of anyones wealth because we are str8 Gs

War Angels 50 Anyone can join

Join Us! Rules are simple. No greens, no tmeds on ops Participate on ops! Intel King this week is?

Fat Fingers 5 Open

fox trot daily 5 man

xPRO 10 Anyone can join

We are try our best at operations. Its hard with only 3 people nut we try. We speak many languages.



Pugercorns 25 Open

Attack in operations. Be active

Lost Bros 50 Open

Fun and high level players

Norgans world 5 Open

Gain blues (intel) and participate in ops

Patatje Oorlog 50 Open

Dutch Taskforce

LOSKA 5 Closed

Boom Beach geeks

Gun man 50 Open

I'm good be good

BRUNEI warrior 10 Open

anybody can join ,no badwords , have fun, if you want me to promote you to co leader or officer you

الضبع 5 Open


BRUNEI warrior 10 Open

anybody can join ,no badwords , have fun, if you want me to promote you to co leader or officer you

deepub4u 50 Anyone can join


Elite force 50 Open

Fun long time tf

11th Airborne 50 Open

Welcome to 11th Airborne! We are an active TF. Rules: play nice, do ops, bring intel.

1st Knight's 25 Open

Fun fun fun use what ever troops you want

Celtic brigade 25 Open

Currently 17/25. Almost daily powder keg. Needs a couple more and we will move on to the next harder

sargento 1323 50 Anyone can join

Hola nesecitamos gente activa somo una fuerza op en crecimiento unetenos

TJF Koup 25 Anyone can join

We play whe we free, joint us for passing time

Alabama rebel 10 Anyone can join

join plz we need more active plp to help we have active plp and daily op

Team Marvel 50 Open

Please join.... Rebuilding after unloading farmers

freres d'armes 50 Open

1 first team french and top 60 mondial

Whiskey Tango 25 Open

''Two in the pink one in the stink''

Thneaky Thnake 5 Open

Active and constantly starting OPs

Boom What Force 5 Anyone can join

A task force

Tweak 50 Anyone can join


Plunder knights 50 Closed

We are at 130 in global rankings and hope to be in the best 50.
Join us now and you wont regret.

5:00 somewhere 50 Closed

Active task force, laid back only rules. Are to attack in ops and get 30 intel weekly

Team Slicers 50 Anyone can join

You Don't Stand A Chance

Nxt-gen.com 10 Open

New task force 3 daily players

Couch Commandos 50 Open

We talk a little but do a lot. Really cool, chill and mature TF. Purely gamers

Dalek Asylum 50 Anyone can join

Various people from the globe;Asia, US, and UK so far. Ops as often as possible. Dr. Who fans.

Hammond 25 Open

Please join

Justice for all 5 Open

Casual TF no lvl required, no daily intell gathering required, no stress, just have fun playing

Shadow 2 5 Anyone can join

Only for active players

Boom_Attack 50 Open

Fun group of people that help out, high rewards. Set op days & participation is required #98PP0YGL

ads army 5 Anyone can join

We're pretty awesome #8VCL2R9Y

The destroyers 5 Open

join win and earn reward attack give max 30 Intel weekly op daily.

Swords of Death 10 Open

Cool, awesome, friendly, generally epic

Dutch Fun 50 Open

Reached Global #1 in march 2017. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC39IrTKknWLGmiMsHToXugA

agra's king 50 Anyone can join


Baech brakers 10 Open

My task force is nice but all I know is that we haven't attacked any operations

Spuds Crew 10 Open

New task force for active players 20+ intel per week. Suggestions and attacks on OPs by all.

Srpske Delie 50 Anyone can join

We have 800 intels an we nead help in operations

fuck boy 5 Open

hgfdxgnbbhbvbv fuck boy

Cammando 50 Anyone can join


Kilar mot 50 Open


Britishsgtsmess 50 Anyone can join

Hitting chokepoint/curtain call/dead end. relaxed but with good success rate, very active taskforce

Winslow Accord 5 Open

Obedience Breeds Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power Is Life~Krampus

The warriors 10 50 Anyone can join

Looking for active players.Rules: NO sabotage&attackin all operations,inactive more the one day=kick

War Pigz 10 Anyone can join  
z alam 5 Open

Z alam

GreenFire 10 Anyone can join

Jeder kann kommen und ist Herzlich Wilkommen

Blumpkin Force 50 Open

Trying to grow.
Id #2L2GLJU8

Mention this and be an officer

CANADATG 50 Anyone can join


Ahoura 5 Open

hello i lost my boom beach app on my device

powerbombers 50 Open

we want peace and destruction of the blackguard! anyone who doesn't attack in OP's will leave!

C.O.N 50 Open

Currently smashing powder keg, looking for a few good people to join us. Must get 10 intel p/week

Widespreadpanic 50 Open

Join us for fun and rewarding attacks. Search Widespreadpanic all one word. We are a 50 player TF.

Wrong Turn 5 Open

join my task force ....lets win the islands

tab 50 Anyone can join

Lets fight together

Negan 10 Anyone can join

Budding TF. Come join

Fifty Elite 50 Anyone can join

Come and join ! 25 diamonds daily !
We need you ! Min 500VP !

Nocturne 10 Open

New TF lead by seasoned veterans; only requirement is participation in OPS. Drama free!

Feez 10 Open


17 pirates 25 Anyone can join

war loot and everything

rif warior 5 Open

hello guyz

¥terminator¥ 50 Anyone can join

Level 38+,
HQ level 16+
VP at least 330+
Must be active and friendly
No bad language

El pikachu 5 Open


Dutch Action #L0P908L 25 Open

The number one task force 25 of the Benelux. Zooka artists with 9 of 10 offense statues are welkom.

Displaying 1 - 100 of 858 1 2 3 9


  1. Dont Join PAKISTANIS ONLY They kick out everyone

  2. Task force tag= #8V8JJG2R

    guyzzzz come here and be active …….participate in daily op…..no retreat n no subotage…..have fun

  3. Name: The cod bwuddas
    People in TF: 1/50
    Description: We r cool
    Plz join i need members 🙁

  4. #8LQG0UVG Boomtang Patrol – looking for players to help build a 50-team TF but are just starting out. just ask for participation at this point – will promote generously for charter members.

  5. Come join kingprey only one on the list active players only preferably players over 50 2 spaces remaining possible another 3 spaces after but must attack when needed

  6. Need active members #29CUUGUG, task force:50, 200 vp required and 10-15 Intel weekly min

  7. BEST TASK FORCE ever , join SWORD/SHIELD our force points are 5192
    Please join we are very friendly and we want some active and strong members , our task force tag is #2L8JCPV0 , any level players are welcome.
    THANK YOU…………?
    FROM-> cssav ( officer )

  8. RECRUITING: Canada #2ccuy20q
    Very Active task force recruiting new members. Active players only, to participate in daily ops and collect Intel. currently 48/50 members. 200 VP requirement. Canada #2ccuy20q

  9. Manneken pis 25 task force
    Play foxtrot stronghold
    5 places left dutch tf

  10. We need 14 new members come join our unit were strong and committed

  11. Join United We Boom!

  12. #ycy0q2
    Task Force Name: RIP Blackguard
    Capacity Status: 9/10
    Highest Rank: 1131
    We aim to reach top 50. Need an efficient player with 400vp or more

  13. Hey guys just started a new task force as my old one I was in went wrong it’s called The Castouts join members urgently needed will be operations everyday once we get the Intel in

  14. Join my task force
    officer needed
    Anyone can join, independent on lvl
    need active players only
    JUST-ICE LEAGUES is the name

  15. Join E-pod, we are active and hold 3-4 operations per week, officer spaces are open

  16. Join our task force
    Victory Points Entry Req : 200 – 300 minimum
    TF ID : #Y2GY08
    Members : 44/50
    Force Points : 5743

    If u like havin’ a laugh & ur willing 2 attack every operation we start, well we’re the task force 4 u so join now !

  17. Join our task force
    Victory Points Entry Req : 200 – 300 minimum
    TF ID : #Y2GY08
    Members : 44/50
    Force Points : 5743

    If u like havin’ a laugh & ur willing 2 attack every operation we start, well we’re the task force 4 u !

  18. The Pot Head Crew

    Great group of guys who are open to discussing whatever is on your mind, we finish bottleneck pretty easily when we have enough intel/members. We are striving to be a more active task force so we can eventually take down stronghold, so please join only if you are capable of producing 15 intel a day. Op will be starting soon, TF ID: #UPGC8G

  19. What are you looking for in a Boom Beach Task Force?
    Great Players? Our Best is Rated Experience 55 with 888 VP Points with 11 rated 35+
    Promotion Opportunity? Just Get 15 Intel in a Week and Your an Officer!
    Good Daily Rewards? I got over 350,000 Gold my experience is 38
    An Active Force? We attack every day with a 86% Success Rate
    Democracy? Everyone gets a say in out all task force decisions with the majority rule
    Fun? We have a very active chat box and our own Facebook Page
    A Popular Force? Just 3 Places Left!

  20. Join Pakistan (TF #22UUP2LG)

    Daily attacks in evening after 8pm (PKT UTC+5). Promising rewards and interesting chat 🙂

  21. Come and join us !
    Name: Krah (#R208YU8)
    Entry: 200VP [and we ned a min or 15 intel/day]
    if you’re cool and help us win OP and gain more than 25-30 intel/day you can be promoted to Officer !
    Thanks !!!

  22. Join my task force
    officer needed
    Anyone can join and will be direct
    office #uq8rvljr
    Need a officer
    All level are

  23. Join my task force: Falcon’s Wings

  24. How do I list my task force in that list?
    I do want to.

    Unfair listing only a few.

  25. PLEASE help me back to my old ACCOUNT sir’s,, please I’m begging to someone who wants to help me.. please!!

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