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Tanks and Medics +Torchers VS Hot Pot and Grappler | Boom Beach

A lot of you have said that Hot Pot and Grappler will put an end to the Tanks and Medics strategy. Also, Tanks and Scorchers or Torchers. Watch this and see that both troops combos can still work 🙂

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  1. all you gotta do is boost – .- we dont have developer account haha. all i gotta say it critters and gbe it has barely any health

  2. wow…intro makes it like cherry on the top of cake…u know wat i mean…awesome DT…loved it?

  3. şu mal kizlara oynatmayin oyunu aq o kadar gambot enerjisine ragmen bi sik yapamiyor amk at ağızlısı

  4. Всегда знал,что танки это не твоё)

  5. I love the Grenadiers + Medics combo. And I never go on a full frontal attack. I try to go around to the back and take out only what's necessary to clear the way to the HQ.
    Anyways, the Grappler is pretty sick. The Hotpot is pretty harmless, unless you get close, of course.
    PS:I like your videos. They're very detailed.

  6. Hey can u join my clash royale clan? Also I love ur vids u r the best I have used all ur strats they work en I need advise I go to u

  7. 255 GBE and the base doesn't fall. Just take out grappler and 1 or 2 BC's, flare left, and go to work. Everything doesn't need to be destroyed before you deploy. Use your experience to navigate defenses.

  8. Could you, please, put two ice MPs on the base (ok to make it simple with no ice boost first) and then take it down without any boost. And then boost two ice and still take it down with no boost. That would be really great.

  9. how can i join Dangerousthing2
    i want to join so badly…

  10. Tanks Medics are my fav Combo!

  11. ha, I attacked a few ppl that had grapler hot pot combo and grapple made a big mistake pulling my lvl 8 scorcher into it, on that note, grapple was toasted…lol. it helps having a 39% and a 21% troop health statue!! And I luv ur videos aswell!! I do have a request though, if you would be so gracious to do one.. Would you possibly do a recent hq lvl 20 and lvl 21 hq layout for a defensive strategy against tanks and scorchers possibly meds aswell. if not, that's understandable, tyvm and keep up the excellent work!!

  12. Honestly there's no point of making A tutorial video if you're taking down most of the important defences with Gun boat energy .. it's completely against the Gameplay //Seriously how many players have 255 intial GBE ?? If possible please upload something which is realistic and uses real game play rather than Level 80 developer accounts ?

  13. Seeing the grappler in action does remember me the movie "War of the world" where tripots pick people from the street in same way,… nice vid dt,… keep booming!

  14. Can you help me of bb hq 18 ? With an account that i lose me old account and i want to cry …?plzz help me

  15. holaa aulas español amiga

  16. 255 GBE to start? C'mon. Be realistic. Try the same attack with 80.

  17. do u really consider your video can help anyone here …. this is the worst use of gbe with tanks i have ever witnessed

  18. dud did she destroying the other players at level80 that's so cool

  19. how come u hv tht much of gb energy

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