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Boom Beach – war factory unboosted – 1/6/2016

Lazy man’s war factory. Nice little pocket behind core and no mines to clear. 3x unboosted gunboat attacks, then an unboosted zooka finish – attempted a heavy distraction that I’ve seen another YouTuber (Tu Dang) do and failed-ish 96x level 21 zookas 55% TD 33% TH 108 starting GBE Using three(ish) gbe attacks I removed the four mortars and 3 ...

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Boom Beach – Centaur + Javanaise BEATDOWNS!

Triangle Nine has been taking it easy lately by stepping down to Dead End. The lower intel requirements and ‘ease’ of attacks has allowed us to hit unboosted, use silly combos and even gbe defenses and then retreat. It’s also allowed us to bring along a few new players which has turned out to be fantastic. We’ve been off and ...

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Mega Crab 3 ! Stage 46-50 ! Final Attacks !!! Boom Beach !!!

Something went wrong with my latest Video! I had to Re upload it! Sorry for that mistake! Thanks for Watching and Supporting! Mega Crab Stage 46-50! Final Attacks! Troop Combos: Scank, Hooka and RZM All Troops used are Maxed out! My Boosted Statues: 284% GBE (200 Energie) 64% Troop Damage 64% Troop Health Song used: Jim Yosef – Firefly (NCS ...

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Boom Beach: TF Ballers

Choke Point with only 26 attacks. I’d say that’s pretty darn SUPER! Follow US Everywhere ❤ Twitter: https://twitter.com/gameonbunnies Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dangerrousthing/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDangerousThing Music By source

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380+ GBE HYPER BARRAGE?! INSANE Record Gunboat Energy! [Boom Beach]

The HYPER BARRAGE makes a return RIGHT BEFORE the day of the MEGA CRAB! Tune in tomorrow to see coverage of the new update live in boom beach with gameplay of what awaits Dr T’s new Plan! Boom Beach Free Diamonds! http://bit.ly/teachboombeach ✔Get FREE iTunes, Google Play Cards – http://bit.ly/teachboombeach ✔Subscribe Today for more ! http://goo.gl/2qkJ8I I’m Nick. I play ...

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