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Cpt. Everspark

“Some people just love gadgets. Cpt. Everspark takes after her mom, who has had a long career in weapons development.” Cpt. Everspark is a Hero who supports your troops in battle using her abilities. To unlock her, the player must free her by defeating Colonel Gearheart’s level 45 War Factory. In battle she is a ranged attacker who uses a ...

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“The Scorcher is a massive, armored unit with a short range and attention span. It takes a boatload of Energy to deploy and leaves with a bang, harming everything nearby.” The Scorcher is unlocked at Headquarters level 18. Each Scorcher costs 12 Gunboat Energy to deploy. After attacking a building for a few seconds, the Scorcher will change targets even ...

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“The Headquarters is the nerve centre of your base. Upgrading the HQ unlocks new base buildings and upgrades. If your HQ is destroyed, the attacking enemy wins the fight and can steal your resources. The HQ receives damage whenever one of your base buildings is destroyed.” Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7-10 ...

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Boom Cannon

“The Boom Cannon fires devastating shots but takes a while to reload. Even the strongest armor is no match for the Boom! Deals double damage to Tanks.” Level 1 Level 2-5 Level 6-9 Level 10 Level 11-14 Level 15 Level 16 The Boom Cannon is the sixth defense to unlock in the game. The Boom Cannon is a long-range, single ...

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