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Freed Village

Whenever you conquer a Mercenary Base or Blackguard Base, you free the Native Islanders that live there from theirBlackguard captors. In gratitude, the Native Islanders ship Gold to your base. Each freed village has a certain rate of production that depends on the total number of freed villages that are currently in the Archipelago. The Gold from all of the ...

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“Collect Intel to start Task Force operations!” Players in a Task Force collect Intel which is used to start Operations in the BlackguardMainland. Intel belongs to your Task Force. If you leave that Task Force, you do not take your gathered Intel with you. Individual Intel counts reset at midnight GMT every Saturday. The Task Force’s total Intel count does not reset. Once a certain amount of Intel has been ...

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Native Islander

“Meet the Native Islander! Her name is Sharon. Her hobbies include: Pottery and Cave diving!” The female Native Islander appears as a slightly tanned girl with a blue dress, white hair, and light blue face paint. The male Native Islander appears as a muscular man with his white hair tied up wearing a blue skirt and silver armbands. The Main ...

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