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Boom Beach Reviewing Fan Base Designs! Base Layout Tips!

Fan base reviewing ep1! Boom Beach base layout tips and tricks! Base building tutorial and review! Best Boom Beach gameplay, attack strategies and amazing base designs here on CosmicDuo Like the video? Subscribe! http://bit.ly/CosmicDuoYT Second Channel: http://bit.ly/cosmicuno Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cosmicduo/ Receive Free Diamonds or Gems: https://youtu.be/lESr-R645Cg More Boom Beach Tips: http://www.boomzone.net Start here with this Boom Beach Playlist!- http://bit.ly/1r21Kce Visit Jimmy’s ...

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Imitation Game

“I’ve copied the most formidable mercenary bases of the Archipelago! You’ll never defeat them!” The Imitation Game is an event that occurs on Fridays in the event cycle. Like the other events, it lasts for 21 hours, appearing at 6 a.m. in your time zone. Note that Daylight Saving Time (DST) will also affect the Imitation Game event times. It ...

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Hero Hut

“Hero Hut houses your hero units. Hero units are powerful special units that can be used in combat.” Derelict Repaired The Hero Hut is a building you can find at the corner of your base that you can repair at Headquarters level 4. It is used to accommodate Heroes. Sgt. Brick is unlocked simply by repairing the Hero Hut while ...

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The Heroes Update has arrived!

Commander, the long awaited Heroes Update has arrived! Sgt. Brick and Cpt. Everspark eagerly await your command. In this post, we’ll take you through everything that this update has in store! Read it carefully Commander, because Heroes aren’t your normal troops. These super powerful allies will completely change the way you play Boom Beach. Sgt. Brick Means Business SERGEANT BRICK You ...

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The first real player to attack my unbeatable base! Check out what happened to hes attack on this video! #boombeach FREE GEMS AND DIAMONDS HERE! Step by Step Guide: 1. Go to http://m.freemyapps.com/share/url/BootrampGames 2. Install the profile 3. Download the free apps, run them for 30 seconds, go back to FreeMyApps and get points! 4. Redeem the points for ITunes ...

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Boom beach #176 – Hammerman vs fricasseur/hot pot = WIN – Boosted

Bonjour, Evenement hammerman du 8 septembre 2016 ( du jour ) repoussé sur l’ensemble des 7 vagues, je remercie le fricasseur niveau 3 d’avoir largement fait son boulot ^^, ce prototype est très puissant, je vous le conseille fortement pour vos défenses d’hammerman ! J’ai également du boosté ma statue bleue pour la vague 7 Bon visionnage Fanatique —————————————————————————————————— Hello, ...

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Boom Beach – Master Smokey Warrior Attack on #1 Player | 2 SG Base |

Hey guys in this video i am going to show you all a MASTER SMOKEY WARRIOR ATTACK ON THE NUMBER 1 PLAYER IN BOOM BEACH!! Enough said, make sure to like, comment and don’t forget to subscribe for more Master Attacks in Boom Beach!! Subscribe to my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUPTJhfSZ-mHs-0iDB61B6g Original Video: Background Music: Tobu – Infectious Battlefield 4 (PC Code) ...

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