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Boom Beach BEST Base Design in the Game!?! (Get to #1 Using this Layout!)

Prepare for the best Boom Beach base design! Top leaderboard player base layout + Defense log! Best Boom Beach gameplay, attack strategies and amazing base designs here on CosmicDuo Like the video? Subscribe! http://bit.ly/CosmicDuoYT Receive Free Diamonds or Gems: https://youtu.be/lESr-R645Cg Start here with this Boom Beach Playlist!- http://bit.ly/1r21Kce Main Task Force (The Rejects)- #8QU2VVQL Feeder Task Force (Mini Rejects) – ...

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MAKE A HIDDEN TREE BASE?! [Boom Beach] Low Level Fun!

Hiding my hq on my low level hq base in boom beach! Having fun in a let’s play boom beach episode where we try to remove some trees and hide our base, but we need hq 13 to remove all the trees! Boom Beach Free Diamonds! http://bit.ly/teachboombeach ✔Get FREE iTunes, Google Play Cards – http://bit.ly/teachboombeach My name is Nick. I ...

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Boom Beach “HAMMERMAN ★NO ICE★ Base Build TIPS & Strategy” Stages 1-7

Boom Beach building a base that can defeat Hammerman Strikes Back stages! This takes a lot of planning, reviewing, and watching without ICE! Watch and learn some tips and strategy that it takes! ✔Boom Beach FREE Diamonds! http://bit.ly/teachboombeach Hey! I’m Nick, I go by nickatnyte. ★Subscribe To My Mobile Gaming Channel! http://goo.gl/2qkJ8I ★Subscribe To My Console Gaming Channel! http://goo.gl/vlb9Vs I ...

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