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Lt. Hammerman

“I am Lieutenant Hammerman of the Blackguard.” Lt. Hammerman is the main antagonist of Boom Beach. He is the commander of the Blackguard. The Blackguard is a military force that is attempting to take over the islands of the Archipelago and enslave its inhabitants. The player was sent to the Archipelago to stop the Blackguard from taking control of it. It is unknown how the ...

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Dr. T

“Welcome to my grand experiment on self-replicating TERROR WEAPONS. Thank you for donating test subjects!” – Dr. Terror Dr. T is the mad scientist in charge of the Blackguard’s Artifact Weaponization Project. Most of the time he is occupied conducting evil experiments, but now and then he invades the Archipelago to terrorize innocent islanders. Nobody really knows where and when Dr. ...

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