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“The submarine can discover underwater treasures. Look for dive locations on the map, and send the submarine on missions. Upgrade the submarine for deeper dives that yield greater rewards.”
Level 1-10


  • Dive LocationThe Submarine is an aquatic support structure similar to the Gunboat and Landing Craft.
  • It can be sent on missions for deep sea treasure at dive locations (yellow buoys with red flags. See image to the right) to uncover large amounts ofResources, Power Stones, and diamonds.
    • Every dive costs a certain amount of gold.
    • The deeper the treasure, the longer and costlier it is to dive. However, the rewards are significantly better as well.
  • To uncover dive locations, a level 5 Radar is required.
  • Over time, you will use up your dives, and your number of dive locations will diminish. They can respawn, however.
    • First of all, dive locations will not respawn until you have two or fewer on your map. The fewer dive locations you have on your map, the more likely it is that a new dive location will appear.
    • Every so often after you have two or less dive locations, your game will “roll the dice” to see if one of your dive locations will respawn. This chance is relatively low, however, and it may take several days for a new dive location to appear if you are unlucky.
  • A dive can give any of the following as one of its three rewards:
    • Wood
    • Stone
    • Iron
    • Power Stones of any size or element
    • Diamonds
    • Often, one or more of the treasure slots are marked with three question marks. This means that the treasure in that slot can be any of the above treasures; it just remains unknown until the dive finishes. These mystery slots are, however, the only way to get Prototype Modules from a dive (they have a chance of being Prototype Modules only if you have already built the Weapon Lab).
  • Any treasure that your Submarine brings back remains in the Submarine until you collect it. Similarly to Resource Boats, no treasure can be stolen from the Submarine by attackers.
    • Note that you cannot start another dive until the treasure in the Submarine has been collected.
  • If the Submarine is diving, you can tap on that dive location to see what it is diving for, but you will not be able to see what other dives are available at that spot.
  • New dives cannot be started while the Submarine is upgrading.
  • It is possible to upgrade your Submarine while it contains treasure. Simply move any building to the outside zone where it can’t be placed. Then, tap on the Submarine and it will show the upgrade icon. The treasure will still be in the Sub when the upgrade finishes. However, you cannot claim your reward while upgrading the Sub.


  • The Submarine is the only building in the game with no visual upgrade differences.
  • At all levels, the Submarine is a bright yellow marine craft with black highlights and windows, covered with metal plates. There is a large dome glass window at the front of the craft, and a smaller one on top. There is a hatch at the top, and silver rails on both sides, with a propeller on the back. Buoyant floats are also attached at the bottom of the submarine.
  • Each level increases the maximum depth that it can dive by 100 m.


  • The time the Submarine takes to dive is one of the few timers in the game that cannot be finished instantly bydiamonds. This is because Supercell does not want people to be able to purchase Power Stones in any way.
  • There’s an achievement which is called Submariner that gives a total of 60 diamonds upon diving for treasure 500 times.
  • The northern part of the Archipelago is filled with Ice Islands. Dive locations in this area are highly likely to give Ice Power Stones.
Headquarters Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Number Available 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1


Building Size Size Special Ability
N/A Can find underwater treasures.


Level Max Dive Depth Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Headquarters Level Required Xp Gain
Wood Stone Iron
1 600 50,000 12,000 3,200 2h 9 1
2 700 57,000 13,500 3,600 3h 15m 9 1
3 800 99,000 24,800 8,000 5h 10 8
4 900 134,000 49,000 14,000 6h 11 12
5 1,000 201,000 95,000 24,800 7h 12 14
6 1,100 284,000 171,000 49,000 8h 13 15
7 1,200 390,000 340,000 95,000 10h 14 17
8 1,300 670,000 510,000 187,000 12h 15 20
9 1,400 950,000 850,000 370,000 12h 16 22
10 1,500 1,350,000 1,110,000 700,000 14h 17 26


Dive Locations
Radar Level Required Cost to Uncover Region Maximum Possible Depth
1 5 14,000 700 m
2 7 34,000 700 m
3 8 100,000 700 m
4 9 170,000 700 m
5 9 220,000 700 m
6 10 190,000 800 m
7 11 180,000 900 m
8 12 330,000 1000 m
9 13 600,000 1100 m
10 14 600,000 1200 m
11 15 800,000 1300 m
12 16 1,100,000 1400 m
13 17 1,800,000 1500 m
14 18 2,000,000 1500 m
15 19 2,400,000 1500 m
16 20 2,000,000 1500 m

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  1. comment about the update in Feb 05, 2015

    This update on Feb 05 make the tank even unstopable. Other than boom mine nothing
    can kill a tank in a single shot!
    The ganadier is much valueable than before. I like that!

    If supercell want to balance between offending and defending. There should be
    some deadly weapon to deal with tank. In a real war, a RPG is this kind of weapon.
    The defense building should add some kind of weapon like RPG.
    And also, a canon or boom cannon in the real war are splashing damage weapons, not
    point damage weapon like rifle.

    To summarize this game in one sentence, it is:

    This game is impossible to defense but much easy to offend!

    So, lets focus on something that is possible.
    It will turn true that this update will make this game even more imbalance!

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