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Shock Bomb

“The Shock Bomb disables anything it hits for a short time. Use it to silence dangerous turrets!”


  • The Shock Bomb is the 4th weaponry unlocked for the Gunboat. It is unlocked at Headquarters level 7.
  • The Shock Bomb can be used to stun enemy Defensive Buildings (except Mines and Boom Mines) in an area, but if your own troops are in the area when the Shock Bomb lands, then they will be stunned too.
  • The durations of the Shock Bomb will not stack if multiple are fired at once on the same spot.


  • Shock Bombs are best used for stopping strong defenses which depends on your troop composition.
    • For example, using a Shock Bomb on Boom Cannons, Sniper Towers or Cannons when your army consists ofHeavies or Tanks is beneficial. Another example would be deploying Shock Bombs on Rocket Launchers orFlamethrowers when using Riflemen as both of these defenses deal decent damage to them.
  • When attacking a Hammerman HQ with a Super Mortar, use a Shock Bomb to stop it from seriously damaging yourtroops.
  • Using a Shock Bomb and a Flare to deal with key defenses is a good idea, because it makes sure that the defense is taken out as quickly as possible so that it cannot fire upon your troops.
  • Try not to hit your own troops, especially if you have a high-level Shock Bomb, as they will be stunned for the duration of the Shock Bomb!


  • A Shock Bomb is much less effective if it only hits a single structure, so keeping key Defensive Buildings spaced well apart will reduce the threat of shock bombs.
  • It’s good to know that three buildings in a line cannot all be shocked by one Shock Bomb as long as there are two squares between each building. Basically, if there are seven squares between two Buildings, both of them cannot be shocked with a single Shock Bomb.
  • Placing Flamethrowers and/or Shock Launchers between the edge of the island and the Headquarters is a good idea, because players that attack with Warriors that Flare directly to the HQ (or Outpost) will not be able to shock the Flamethrower or Shock Launcher without shocking his/her Warriors.


  • There are no visible differences between upgrades. However, the duration of the effect increases by one second each time the Shock Bomb is upgraded.


  • Shock Bombs are very similar to EMPs (electromagnetic pulses).
  • The Shock Launcher’s munitions are very similar to the Shock Bomb, but unlike the Shock Bomb it can only shock troops even if other defenses are in its area of effect. Also, the Shock Launcher does a small amount of damage to your troops while the Shock Bomb does not do damage to shocked defenses or troops.
Shock Radius
3.5 tiles


Level Duration Research Cost Combat Academy Research Time
1 5s N/A N/A N/A
2 6s 66,000 4 9h
3 7s 245,000 7 23h
4 8s 880,000 11 1d 12h
5 9s 2,180,000 15 2d 10h
6 10s 3,700,000 18 2d 19h


Number of Shots Energy Cost Cumulative Energy Cost
1 7 7
2 12 19
3 17 36
4 22 58
5 27 85
6 32 117

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