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“SHIELD GENERATOR” SNEAK PEEK! | Boom Beach Update Sneak Peek #2 (Shield Generator Gameplay)

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Boom Beach:

Storm the beach and win the day! Boom Beach is a combat strategy game where you fight an epic war against the evil Blackguard. Take your expeditionary force to beautiful paradise islands invaded by the enemy. Fight for every beachhead, free enslaved islanders and explore the uncharted archipelago. The fight becomes a race to harness the ancient powers hidden on the islands. Are you ready for the BOOM?

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Version: 16.5.1
Size: 83.2 MB
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Developer: Supercell Oy
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Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Title: Pegboard Nerds – Disconnected
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwSkC85TDgY
Label Channel: http://www.youtube.com/monstercat


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  1. I think the shield generator is a HORRIBLE idea. I have spent my whole game (to level 48) concentrating on upgrading my warriors and getting statues that would help my warrior rush. Now I have a choice between waiting months to reconfigure my attacks or just quitting, because I have no doubt this will be one of the most popular prototype defenses. Imagine if supercell just nerfed your favorite attack strategy. It's also cute how they hid the shield generators health with that little caption box so we won't know until it drops.

  2. Full ice and that!? That's kinda Op

  3. This means we can't use warriors attack so that's bad

  4. It will be too op for warriors,that makes smokey warriors useless,also if you boost ice, its like auto win

  5. The shield generator should have a limited range. putting it anywhere on the map means you cant easily destroy it making it too overpowered. (barrier + boasted ice= no chance for victory)

  6. When you have a level 60 HQ, are boosting ice, & the attacker only loses a few warriors, then I do believe warriors have been too OP. You can take out the shield generator without having to take down the HQ. This is a prototype defense & not a regular defense. It only last 5 days so to use it, you are going to need lots of prototype modules. I personally feel like this restores some balance to the game. Just wish everyone would wait & see before hollering they are going to quit Boom Beach. Scorchers may be OP too, but it takes a lot of GBE to launch those.

  7. Imo they are removing the reason I like the game: many different strategies and playstyles exist. this update not only causes more trouble with matchmaking increasing the complaint threads in the forums, but also reduces the attack style to one: Straight on.

    I doubt the devs ever had experience with warrior rushing. From experience, even 300k health on the HQ of a max HQ 20 base is insane.. and they think the top players' 420k isn't enough?

  8. Looks like Supercells obsession with defense buffs is trickling over from COC to BB now. At least in COC it's only really an issue at the end game, TH10. This update is pretty much wiping out an entire troops effectiveness

  9. Just a little bit strong? More like the most op building they have added in the game along with shock mines

  10. Way too strong!! Frickin 150% is higher than some operation statues!! Nerf..

  11. this seems like it will be op

  12. Rip mobcrush streams lol

  13. Every sneak peek update comments: OP!!!!!! I'm guessing about 65% of players who say this is OP, don't even need to worry about advanced attacks yet or advanced defenses

  14. I do hope the final look has much better Photoshop.

  15. I think its to op guys

  16. I bet it's too strong because if you hide it in the trees well yea!

  17. Holt crap the shield is op.

  18. Shield III is a little too op in my opinion

  19. The shield generator is too OP, attacks won't work anymore due to its ability. I don't like this part of the update ???

  20. Does the extra percentage of health include boost?

  21. I think its perfect! warrior rushes are WAY to OP. Even if you try putting all your mines around the HQ, it is still useless. I think it also makes people try other troops for once, instead of just sticking with one specific troop. I love warriors, but there was nothing to balance that out if you think about it. Now there will be. Can't wait ? ?

  22. This is not fair but when reaching high lvl to destroy enemy base and op base it is hard of us and the time count of battle is less aaahhhhh

  23. so awsome how boom beach allows you to show us sneak peaks its great

  24. finally i really dislike the warrior smoke i find it cheap ahaha

  25. This will have the effect of reducing intel gathered for everyone. Defensive players will be so heavily protected, no one will want to attack them. So they will collect less intel from fewer raiders. Offensive players will have fewer winnable targets, so they also collect less intel. Since the upgrades are only available to lvl 59+ players who don't need resources much, all it does is make it harder for lower players with high VP advancing. How does this benefit game play?

  26. everything will have a hard time defeating bases its too op and will ruin the attacking

  27. I am sooo excited it is going to be in operations!

  28. it's gonna be to overpowered

  29. This will be fucking evil in op bases…

  30. its going to be really hard now

  31. Good! Warrior Fogging requires zero skill.

  32. Please get rid of that cringey laugh you use to introduce yourself in the beginning of the video. It literally made me unsubscribe from your channel. If you get rid of it in your further videos you will have a new sub. Sorry for the harsh criticism.. but what are you even laughing at? Do you think it makes people view you as more relaxed? Or do you just do it to get in character? Either way it's weird.

  33. Yeah, make the warriors worthless, but will do nothing for tank attacks, great idea Supercell

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    "SHIELD GENERATOR" SNEAK PEEK! | Boom Beach Update Sneak Peek #2 (Shield Generator Gameplay)

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    "SHIELD GENERATOR" SNEAK PEEK! | Boom Beach Update Sneak Peek #2 (Shield Generator Gameplay)

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    "SHIELD GENERATOR" SNEAK PEEK! | Boom Beach Update Sneak Peek #2 (Shield Generator Gameplay)

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