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“In old war times, soldiers used to believe that the construction of statues had a mysterious aura or power which would favour them in war.”
Statue Life Idol Statue Life Guardian Statue Life Masterpiece
Life Idol Life Guardian Life Masterpiece
Statue Ice Idol Statue Ice Guardian Statue Ice Masterpiece
Ice Idol Ice Guardian Ice Masterpiece
Statue Magma Idol Statue Magma Guardian Statue Magma Masterpiece
Magma Idol Magma Guardian Magma Masterpiece
Statue Dark Idol Statue Dark Guardian Statue Dark Masterpiece
Dark Idol Dark Guardian Dark Masterpiece


  • Statues are created from the Sculptor. Power Stones are required to create statues. For information regarding the odds of getting Power Stones from attacks, click here.
  • Statues come in 4 different elements: Life, Ice, Magma, and Dark.
  • Statues boost different aspects of the game, such as increasing building health or increasing Wood production rate.
    • Life Statues boost resource production by both increasing the production rate and the storage capacity of your Resource Production buildings  by the corresponding percentage. Note that this bonus also applies to yourResource Bases.
    • Ice Statues boost your buildings. Note that these boosts also affect all of the structures of your Resource Bases.
    • Magma Statues boost your troops.
    • Dark Statues boost Power Stone chance, initial Gunboat energy, and resource rewards from raids.
  • Statues with the same effect do stack. This stacking is additive, not multiplicative. For example, having one +8%Gunboat energy statue and a +12% Gunboat energy statue placed at the same time will result in you having 20% more energy.
  • It does not matter where you place a Statue on your island. It will always have the same effect no matter where you place it.
  • A statue’s effect can be doubled for a certain amount of time using Power Powder.
  • There are no restrictions on what idols and guardians you can have, but you can only have one of each type of masterpiece. For example, the game will not let you place a troop health masterpiece if you already have anothertroop health masterpiece. You can have two masterpieces of the same element like both a troop health and a troopdamage masterpiece. You are just not allowed to have two masterpieces with the same effect.
  • You can reclaim a Statue by tapping it and selecting the button with the shovel on it. This destroys the Statue and gives you a Shard if the Statue was an Idol, a Crystal if it was a Guardian, or 7 Power Powder if it was a Masterpiece.
    • There is a 3 second countdown to prevent accidental reclaiming.
  • If a statue construction is cancelled before the Sculpting is finished, the Power stones used for construction will be refunded.
  • Ice Statues can appear on Dr. Terror bases, Power Bases and Colonel Gearheart’s War Factories. Up to two ice Statues with unlimited increments can appear on each of these bases: one increases building health and the other increases defensive building damage. This is because other elements of Statues make no sense in NPC bases, and multiple statues of each type will waste space.
    • These Ice Statues always appear as Masterpieces even if the boost they provide is less than what a Guardian would give, and will appear as boosted Masterpieces that have a black glow if the boost they provide is greater than what a player base Masterpiece would give.
  • Statues cannot be damaged or destroyed in any way during an attack.


Statue Tier Sculpting Cost Sculpting Time Instant Reclaim For
Idol 7 Fragments 10s 1 1 Shard
Guardian 7 Shards 1h 24 1 Crystal
Masterpiece 7 Crystals 10h 142 7 Power Powder

Possible Statues

  • A statue’s percentage is random. You cannot influence it in any way.
    • If you already have one type of statue, you can still get another statue of the same type.
    • The statues that you have made in the past and your stats also have no effect on what statues you will get in the future.
  • Higher percentages are rarer than lower percentages, so it may take several attempts to get a more powerful statue.
Statue Type Idol Guardian Masterpiece
Life Gold Gold
production increase
6-10% 12-20% 24-50%
Wood Wood, Stone Stone
or Iron Iron
production increase
7-12% 15-25% 30-62%
All Resources Production increase 3-5% 6-10% 12-25%
Ice Building Health increase 3-6% 7-13% 15-32%
Defensive Building Damage increase 4-7% 9-15% 18-37%
Magma Troop Health increase 4-7% 8-14% 16-35%
Troop Damage increase 3-6% 7-13% 15-32%
Dark Gunboat Energy increase 5-8% 10-17% 20-42%
Resource Reward increase 6-10% 12-20% 24-50%
Power Stone chance increase 9-15% 18-30% 36-75%


  • Each type of statue has a different facial expression on it. Life statues are smiling, Magma Statues are frowning, Ice statues have a neutral expression and Dark statues are slightly smiling.
  • Debris found on Lt. Hammerman’s bases are suggested, by dialogue, to be statues that the Blackguard have smashed.
  • There’s an achievement which is called Perfectionist that gives a total of 60 diamonds upon salvaging a total of 3,000 Statues.

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  1. Hi, i turned my fragments into shards, bun now most of them disapiar, why?

  2. building time has decreased to 10 sec, 1 h, 10 h

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