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Scary Roller Coaster POV! – Six Flags Trip

Today we ride some scary Roller Coasters at Six Flags!
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Title: Pegboard Nerds – Disconnected
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  1. Is there a boom beach upload today as well?

  2. Ben it takes me 2 hours to go there cuz I live in Indiana and I went there for the week end

  3. I have six flags where I am. Kingda Ka is the best ride EVER??

  4. man no game play or anything? you should upload 2 vids when you do this

  5. i love the houses looks great at 9:58 i wish i lived there and i wish i was ben's next door neighbor

  6. Your intro gives me seizures

  7. his words, "haha that looks fun, that looks so fun" in his mind, "im gonna die,im gonna die"

  8. what I meant by inappropriate comments will get deleted was pertaining to my sister's, because looking at other youtubers videos that involve females, sometimes they get inappropriate comments on them that are very disrespectful and I dont want those on this channel, thanks:)

  9. Ben why couldn't you use the head strap holder thing ? I know u couldn't bring selfie stick but couldn't u strap it to your head while on rides?

  10. ?New Active Task Force Looking for new Active Members?. ?LVL 20+ 100 VP requirement?. Task force code is #2GGCGV8Y<–(Help find us)Our name is Death (BOOM BEACH ONLY)

  11. I live in Chicago and I was there a week ago

  12. What's was your favorite ride mine

  13. stick to boom beach. no need for reality show, or just on a different channel?

  14. You should create a vlog channel

  15. I understand that, however, other great Boom Beach players on YouTube have done this and they forget about gaming it seems and miss uploads. I love learning from your videos, I just don't want you to forget where it began from. Please keep making videos and keep up with your push to the top. I wish you the best of luck

  16. The only reason that i am a subscriber to your channel is that i like your Boom Beach videos and i dont really care about your personal life videos nor roller coasters videos. Perhaps you should create a separate vlog channel for that.

  17. Glad that you're making videos and having fun, thanks for the tips and videos and good luck in college (as stated in your earlier videos).

  18. Nice to see you are having fun!

  19. Sweet vid dude, I hope you had a lot of fun. I haven't been to Six Flags..I live in Finland so it's pretty far away. It would be fun tho.

  20. Please reply I love your vids???

  21. Ben you are so cool

  22. that blue ride that makes a Gian U shape is one of my favorite rides. Here in Minnesota we call it steel venom

  23. What were you more scared of: Dropping your phone or The ride?

  24. Great video Ben. But one tip, get a hat or something to mount your gopro on

  25. 90 degrees is nothin where I live!

  26. I went on the Smiler a week before it crashed

  27. wait you live in chicago cool

  28. Ben I live in New Jersey and the six flags there is sick!! Nice video

  29. great video Ben I would like to see more videos like this

  30. omg thats the same one i go to! i got to bring my iPhone 5 C on ALOT of rides!

  31. Are your sisters in hotness gold because they look like they are good at vainglory but not that good so around hotness unless they dont play than GG – Xpod27

  32. What colar hair do you have

  33. What six flags is this?

  34. this is in Gurnee Illinois I live right by there

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