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Rain Maker


  • The Rain Maker is a Prototroop that fires a salvo of shells at enemy buildings from a very long range. Each shell explodes into shrapnel, dealing further damage, and are capable of triggering Mines, Boom Mines, and Shock Mines.
  • The blueprints for the Rain Maker can be purchased from the Trader as part of an additional offer after the Armory is upgraded to at least level 14. These blueprints allow usage of the Rain Maker for 1 day.
  • The level of the Rain Maker depends on the Armory level. It is always upgraded to the maximum level allowed by the Armory, so for instance, a player with a level 22 Armory will always have a level 5 Rain Maker, without having to upgrade it from previous levels.
  • A Rain Maker costs 15 Gunboat Energy to deploy.

  • The Rain Maker appears similar to a Tank, except having a golden Mortar-like barrel in place of its cannon.


  • You can use the Rain Maker to outrange many defenses, including the Boom Cannon. This makes the Rain Maker ideal for dealing consistent damage over long range.
  • The Rain Maker’s shells can trigger Mines around their impact area, which is useful for advancement later in the battle. However the shells can also damage friendly troops, so be careful!
  • If positioned correctly, the only normal defenses able to hit the Rain Maker are the Rocket Launcher and Shock Launcher. This means that use of Medics can be helpful to mitigate damage.
  • Due to its vulnerability to the Shock Launcher, it is best to destroy Shock Launchers with the Gunboat before attacking with Rain Makers.


  • As mentioned above, Shock Launchers are an effective defense against the Rain Maker. Additionally, Shock Blasters, Doom Cannons and Grapplers are also effective since they are capable of reaching the Rain Maker. The Lazor Beamcan slowly do chip damage as well.
  • Take care to spread out buildings as the Rain Maker’s shells and shrapnel are capable of damaging buildings near its intended target.
  • Having a beach base (a base where defensive buildings cover the beach) can prove useful against Rain Makers. Unless they have sufficient Gunboat Energy to flank, the Rain Maker will be unable to fully utilise its range advantage upon landing at the beach.



Unit Size
Troop Capacity
Training Time
Movement Speed
Attack Range
Attack Speed
Shrapnel Count
14 0s Slow  Very Long / 16(?) Tiles 0.2s between shots in salvo; 10(?)s between salvos of 4 5
Damage per Shot
Shrapnel Damage
Training Cost
Menu icon research
1 1,400 14
2 1,700 566 250 250 50,000 16
3 1,900 679 300 300 60,000 18
4 2,000 792 350 350 75,000 20
5 2,050 905 400 400 97,500 22
Article Name
Rain Maker
The Rain Maker is a Prototroop that fires a salvo of shells at enemy buildings from a very long range.
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Boom Beach Wiki
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