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Prototype Modules

  • Prototype Modules are used to create Prototype Defenses in the Weapon Lab.
  • They can be obtained by winning attacks.


  • You must have built the Weapon Lab to start collecting Prototype Modules.
    • The only exception to this is the War Factory event. If you win Prototype Modules from the War Factory event, they will be in your Weapon Lab when you construct it.
  • After destroying any one of these base types, there is an 8% chance that it will reward you with a Prototype Module:
    • Mercenary Base
    • Blackguard Base
    • Dr. Terror
  • Prototype Modules can also be won by winning the Hammerman Strikes Back event which requires you to build the Weapon Lab.
  • Achieving Reward Thresholds in the Colonel Gearheart event may also reward you with Prototype Modules.
  • The chance to receive a module from an attack is fairly low (8%), but Prototype Defenses last a long time.
  • Unlike Statues, which give something when reclaimed, Prototype Defenses do not give anything when destroyed.


  • Each Prototype Defense requires a certain quantity of Prototype Modules to build.
  • The Weapon Lab is used to select which Prototype Defense that you would like to build.
  • Building a Prototype Defense will consume Prototype Modules.
    • Cancelling the construction of a Prototype Defense will refund the Modules.
  • Like Power Stones, any Prototype Modules that you own cannot be lost to attackers. If your home base is destroyed and the attacker wins one or more Prototype Modules, the Prototype Modules they get are newly generated by the game as a part of the attacker’s loot bonus.


There are four different prototype modules:

Critical Fuse Complex Gear Power Rod Field Capacitor
ModuleFuse ModuleGear ModuleRod ModuleCapacitor
“Prevents critical meltdowns” “The complexity of this gear is far beyond out scientists’ understanding.” “Who’d have guessed that you can store power in a rod?” “Often confused with Flux Capacitor”


  • Although the Critical Fuse “prevents critical meltdowns”, Prototype Defenses explode after a certain amount of time.

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  1. How come I always get field capacitors and hardly ever get complex gears (anyone want to buy complex gears, going cheap 😉

  2. Does the “Power Stone Chance” statue works for prototype modules? Any official link to proofs?

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