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“Protect your Rescource Base! You will lose the resource base if this building is destroyed in an enemy attack. Resource Bases produce resource shipments that you can collect from your home base.”
Outpost lvl13 new
Level 1 Level 2-5 Level 6-8 Level 9-22


  • Similar to the Headquarters of your base, the Outpost is the main building of a Resource Base. If it gets destroyed, the Resource Base is lost.
  • When a Resource Base is taken over the Outpost automatically goes up in level.
  • The Headquarters Damage Rules apply to the Outpost as well.


  • Initially, the Outpost is a small stone tower with some wooden planks leading to the door, a wooden awning circling the top of the tower, and a satellite dish and flag on top. There are windows around the top portion of the tower and some sandbags around the front. The dish is connected to a small wire.
  • At level 2, the satellite dish and wire slightly increase in size. The wooden awning extends slightly.
  • At level 6, the Outpost’s overhangs become blue with the top one becoming corrugated metal. More sandbags and some crates appear around the Outpost. The wooden planks become stone slabs.
  • At level 9, the walls of the tower are thickened, the door’s overhang becomes metal, the corrugated overhang around the top is replaced with a plated overhang, and more sandbags and some antennae are added. The stone slabs are a little darker with a very slightly different arrangement.


  • A Resource Base that has not yet been taken over by a player typically has an extremely low level Outpost. This is to make sure new Resource Bases get put into the matchmaking pool. Once you take it, the Outpost levels up to the correct level to match the levels of the base’s Defensive Buildings.
  • The Outpost is a 4×4 building unlike the Headquarters which is a 5×5 building.
Building Size


Level Health
1 9,000
2 9,900
3 10,800
4 12,600
5 14,400
6 16,200
7 18,000
8 20,700
9 23,400
10 26,100
11 29,700
12 34,200
13 38,700
14 45,000
15 54,000
16 67,500
17 81,000
18 99,000
19 117,000
20 135,000
21 153,000
22 168,300

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