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 Obstacles are natural resources that can be cleared for additional resources or for free space in a base.


  • Obstacles are the rocks and trees in your base and can be removed for Stone or Wood.
  • All Obstacles cost Gold to clear.
  • Obstacles in Resource Bases can also be cleared, either by you (when you control the base) or by your opponent (when he/she controls the base).
  • Some Obstacles can only be removed after reaching a minimum Headquarters level.
  • Different types of obstacles produce different amounts of Resources when cleared. The greater the amount, the greater the Gold cost.
  • The greater the amount of Gold an obstacle costs to remove, the less Resources you will get per Gold. Basically, the cheapest obstacles give you the best value.
  • Obstacles do not respawn on Resource Bases, but trees will respawn randomly on your home base.
  • Every 13 hours, there is a 40% chance that a new tree will spawn on your home base.
  • The maximum amount of trees that you can have on your home base is 60.


  • When a defense is placed behind a tree, the tree will become translucent. However, non-defensive buildings will not cause a tree to become translucent.
    • Troops or a Flare going behind a tree will cause it to become translucent as well.
  • Hiding non-defensive buildings behind trees may be a good idea because attackers may not notice them or destroy them which prevents them from getting Gunboat energy.
  • Leaving a Mangrove Grove or Mangrove Thicket on your home base and your Resource Bases can be a good idea, as you can hide your Headquarters or Outpost behind them, and if your enemies can’t see your Headquarters they may not attack you!
    • Note that if your base appears to an attacker as an ice island, the trees will be much less effective at hiding structures. There is currently no way to tell if you have appeared as an ice island, however.


  • There are obstacles that return Wood and Stone, but none for Gold nor Iron.
  • All the trees are variations of mangrove or pine trees.
  • Defenses can still fire through obstacles. They do not provide coverage.
  • Stones and Boulders do not grow back once removed.
  • Trees nearby an Artillery/Barrage impact zone or the firing spot of a Tank appear to shake and shed leaves.
    • If it is a pine tree, snow appears to fall off.
Obstacle Name Removal Cost
Resources Gained from Removal HQ Level
Required for Removal
HQ Icon
Young Mangrove/Young Pine 600 300 1 2×2
Mangrove Tree/Pine Tree 600 300 1 2×2
Old Mangrove/Old Pine 3000 1000 5 3×3
Stone 1200 300 6 2×2
Sturdy Mangrove/Sturdy Pine 600 300 9 2×2
Ancient Mangrove/Ancient Pine 3000 1000 10 3×3
Mangrove Thicket/Pine Thicket 12000 3000 11 4×4
Mangrove Grove/Pine Grove 25000 5000 13 4×4
Boulder 9000 1000 13 3×3

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