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New SNIPER Tower 21! Save The Core RIFLEMEN! [Boom Beach]

New sniper tower level 21 in boom beach and an operation attack using only all max riflemen to save the core in boom!
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  1. 10:20 I'm at lvl 51, hq 20 🙂 attacking with mostly warriors or rooka, and I'm at 750+ VP??

  2. HQ lvl 15 301 VP level 38

  3. HQ lvl 15 301 VP level 38.

  4. lvl 10 that's what i am

  5. ▶ Generate Unlimited Diamond , Gold, and
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    New SNIPER Tower 21! Save The Core RIFLEMEN! [Boom Beach]

  6. hq 6, but th lv8 on clash, found this game after my friends that play clash told me about it.

  7. why save the core? newbie here

  8. Pause at 11:52 and look at the intel

  9. the maximum riflemen I can land is 43 or 44

  10. you should take down the power core

  11. Currently decided to turtle a bit. Was a lvl 45 with ~450 VP, now down to 238 VP so I can max myself without being attacked as much.

  12. I'm on HQ 13 with 161 victory points and on experience level 36!!!!!

  13. my HQ is 11 but I can't afford HQ level 12

  14. Hey nick my level is 23 so I'm catching up.

  15. HQ lvl 12… How am I going to make my HQ level max?

  16. I wanna see all tanks

  17. Lol, he attacked my base! The 51 David! That's awesome! :)

  18. All machine gun man

  19. (troop combo ) half scotched half tank

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