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NEW ROASTER & NIGHT WITCHES! Clash of Clans Builder Hall 6 Update!

Clash of Clans Builders Base 6 Update! Sub http://goo.gl/2qkJ8I
New Battle Machine lvl 10, Roaster, Night Witches!
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  1. OMG nick ur back at clash i though u QUIT!

  2. Till now I cant spell nickatnyte

  3. Who here tapped the "retry login" button?

  4. boom beach is a very good game.

  5. what is your # number so i can add u as a friend

  6. what is your # number so i can add u as a friend

  7. what is your # number so i can add u as a friend

  8. how can you get 5 camps

  9. are we just going to ignire that night wich has 12 spring weight and a boxer giant has 5?

  10. In this video it looks like his lips are red

  11. shout out to my boy eclihpse go subscribe

  12. that first builder hall 5base looks really good. is it?

  13. Guys must watch my video. I gave the upcoming update details… Bh7 and gameplay of upcoming troops like sparky pekka and drop ship and upcoming defence like mega tesla and giant cannon too.

  14. Can a few people join our clan. The name: The ZapLocks. We only require a couple more people to participate in war which we will be doing much more frequently once we hit 10.
    We are looking for TH5- TH7 people.

  15. My new troop idea would be a fiery wizard
    like you now how all the cards have ability
    the feiry wizard would have like a fire ability

    it would do spawn damage,with the fire he shoots it would do a flame effect like the poison
    it would have a fire mode and it would increase speed and damage,and would last 8 sec

    fiery wiz,lv1
    spawn damage 184
    damage 238 fire,fire mode 328 flame effect would last 2 sec or 3,flame damage would do 32
    speed 18,fire mode 24
    482 hp

    you're welcome to nerf it, all I want is a fiery fire wizard for sure in the game,leave a like if you agree on the idea
    have a nice day 😉

  16. this is my clan#JGY09QYR

  17. hey nike ,
    today i am play clash of clan builder base for you my enemy. i am proud of u.

  18. Nyte please give me ur clash royale clan tag

  19. subscribe here to watch videos like nicks

  20. Who's watching this on 10-7-17

  21. My name ha in clash of clans

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