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Clash Royale new XBOW Deck with nickatnyte, enjoy!
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  1. and I got lava hound from free chest this morning

  2. I am so glad to see him use an X-bow, finally a video on it. I have used it for forever now.

  3. Wtf,,, he plays Vainglory?

  4. I'm using battle ram graveyard electro wiz ice spirit bats cannon baby dragon and arrows

  5. Wait wait wait. YOU PLAY VAINGLORY? Please tell me you do. I would love to see a vid on some Vainglory action

  6. U should create trading it would be the best

  7. Your a fucking troll in the tournament.

  8. Did you steal this deck from surgicalgoblin??

  9. Surgical Goblin: Here's an awesome new siege deck!
    Other YouTubers: Here's an awesome new siege deck!
    Nick: Here's an awesome new siege deck!

  10. Play Friday the 13th on Pc. Try it one time see if u like it.

  11. All actives that play clash royale join Ignite. Be on daily donating cards and crowns . The icon is a thunder bolt with a purple backround . Please join

  12. I don't even have a legendary and I am level 8

  13. Nic, play some PUBG or something like that

  14. You have the exact same keyboard as me lol

  15. molt is watching this in shame😂

  16. Player unknown battle ground or ark

  17. Play Aq and see if you like it

  18. Start playing h1z1 on pc

  19. My deck is pretty good for the challenge: Arrows, tornado, giant, prince, dark prince, electro wiz, goblins, and wizard.

  20. Yo make sure to Hit up Rocket League on steam if you can. Its pretty competitive but really fun to mess around as well and its really fun to progress.

  21. Nick can u try my favorite deck , ( Mini pekka , ice wizard , lumberjack , bats , arrows/zap , baby dragon , and ice golem..)?? please it's good 🙂

  22. Play player unknown battlegrounds 👍🏼👍🏼

  23. @nickatnyte do a live stream on the 20 wins challenge

  24. Yo Nick, do a double golem push!!! It will be crazy!!!😂

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