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New Event “Custom Player Base!” Feature / Idea [Boom Beach]

Fun new Boom Beach possible update idea I was thinking of and wanted to share with you all! How do you think it would be to be able to make a base once a week where everyone gets the same buildings and troops and then you attack other players bases to get to the top!
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    New Event "Custom Player Base!" Feature / Idea [Boom Beach]

  2. Like the Mega Crab?

  3. I was thinking of another idea as well, but this is mostly for personal benefit. what if they added the ability to (once a month/week) "attack" your own base to determine optimum base layouts for specific troops, etc. I'm always thinking, when I update my layout, what I would do if I were to attack it. now I'm wondering if it's possible that we can ?

  4. Sounds like a great idea. I think Supercell should at least consider this.

  5. I think you should make a all Grenadier video no refills.

  6. Yes please ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. I very like the idea!


  9. THAT SOUNDS AWSOMEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Nick did u notice that base you took out had level 2 residences. How's that poss at level 59?

  11. Sounds like a great idea! Love it

  12. Sounds awesome, but I would make it that people in your task force can't attack you and you can't attack them

  13. That would be a great addition to Boom Beach!!!?????

  14. maybe they should include super weapons of hammerman like super mortar

  15. I want more builders and revenge! DONE!

  16. great idea nick I hope they make that.

  17. Maybe there sould be a bace that shows up on your map once a month. And it would be so OP that not only you and your task force, but for as long as that event lasts you would have an alliance with a task force to take down the bace. So basically like an operation but on a larger scale.

  18. or a community vs a dr t built base and who ever participates in gets a reward or its a group event where more than 1 person can attack at a time make better teamwork

  19. Your new boom beach update idea… awsome ! about the rewards: i am not the kind of guy that plays for them so 10diomands or 100 i don't care. i'd just play your concept for fun without any rewards in the end. jus being first would be all i'll aim for ?

  20. Awesome smart idea nick! This would be cool if this was in boom beach though i am a little confused…

  21. OMG this gave me a bright idea! This would be like the mega crab(cuz de base was big) except all defenses would be at max level( a bit like colnel gearhearts base) & everyone in your task force OR the whole world would all take chances to MAYBE attack it at least 1 go until your troops die(remember there would be A LOT of defenses everywhere on this base!) what do you think?

  22. ur idea could help low level hq's be better when there a low level

  23. WOW! amazing nick! i would necer have thought of something like that! hopefully they consider it! it hink they might make a few changes but wow amazing idea nick!!!!! Supercell would be stupid not to consider it!

  24. I would definitely participate in it

  25. That would be awesome

  26. Where did that boys stone go?!

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