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New EVENT Concept? Boom Beach Update Speculation!

Discussing ways Boom Beach can gain traction by a New Event. Attacking players with my favorite strategy of RZCM!! Best Boom Beach gameplay, attack strategies and amazing base designs here on CosmicDuo
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About Boom Beach-
Boom Beach is a strategy game and combines attacks on other players with attacks against computer based bases. The game’s story-line is set in a tropical archipelago with the player on an island with defences and troops (similar to the gameplay in Supercell’s Clash of Clans game) Players can build their base, upgrading their defenses and other buildings, and unlock troop upgrades. Boom Beach includes single player campaign play as well as the ability to attack other players in multiplayer mode. It has been a top 10 game in 22 countries at its launch. The game pits the player vs. an enemy known as “The Blackguard” who are often represented by Lt. Hammerman. Apart from the main aspect of the game, there is also a cooperative form where you create task forces. Everyone must gather Intel (whether it be by surviving or ordering attacks, or by rewards), where then upper classed players then attack bases. Each attack lasts a day, with a varying amount of Intel in order to initiate, and the bases are separated from archipelago. (Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.)


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  1. 2 on my fav youtube channel

  2. i hope this channel wont betrayed boom beach like nickatnyte

  3. Diamond rewards for keeping more troops alive.
    – Incentive to find better paths and 'no hit zones'.
    – Attacking player bases would feel more like operations.

  4. "Boom beach is fun for new comers" Hmm.

  5. Whatever it is, SC needs to find more for max level players to do daily. Tribes made resources useful again, but that's not enough by itself. For one thing, the tribe turnaround time of two weeks is glacial. That doesn't keep things fresh daily. For another thing, the tribes feature, by itself, is monolithic: it was a bandaid fix to the game, not a revolution. We need more.

    What about direct player trading? What if players could swap certain things amongst themselves? Maybe Intel could be a two way commodity: it would still go towards starting TF ops, but the intel you personally collect could be used to swap for other resources. That would be a way to help boost up your lower-level TF members, if you're charitable; or it could be used to help shunt resources to your own mini accounts, if you're selfish. That personal intel stash could then be exchanged for gold (similar to tribes, but resetting daily) to allow you to keep on attacking!

    I'm a little higher level than you: attacks are harder, failures cost dearly, and gold sometimes gets scarce for me, especially on Mondays (Hammerman attacks) and Thursdays (WF). Since the tribes update, gold has been in much shorter supply, I feel. After finishing WF this morning, for example, I have no reason to log into my main account again until this evening: I already hit on op, I have little gold remaining, and there are very few player bases left on my map, and I can't beat those bases I do have. I can't even afford to try: if I fail, I might not have enough to hit next up tonight. SC finding a way to funnel more gold into the game while also adding daily interest and introducing more direct interpersonal exchanges might be a way to fix much of what ails BB.

  6. Dislike, why didn't you add pictures, and you didn't even talked much about the concept :(…

    But I would like a new "builder base" in boom beach or maybe a new app like "clash royale" in boom beach style

  7. Ok first, multiple people attacking operations at once would be cool an a great idea (like D-Day) second we also need more defenses like critter spawners and hypnosis turrets and stuff like that

  8. Biggest thing require is you can find new bases to attack .. Right now I m at 37 but it only shows above 50 to 55 + level on which I can't attack so I am not open game untill new base is there … You have to fix these shit

  9. i agree boom is only fun for new comers. i am at level 42 and started 8 months ago. i think that task force wars wold revive it, but not enough to keep the game going. i love the game but sadly boom is dying. who knows supercell might be dying too. they have walked themselves into a dead end, they can't make any update that is original and brings back momentum to the game. oh well(sad sigh)

  10. Task force vs task force would actually be pretty cool, in a similar fashion to Clash of Clans 🙂

  11. Fuck off jimmy, you have absolutely no clue about operations because 1. You dont have a task force to be in, and 2. Your attacks are abysmal.
    The game is still fun, you just have to play with people, not by yourself

  12. We need like, new troops, task force vs task force, another village, mabey we could actrully go into the trible, mabey the trible could like send you troops and stuff. Mabey they could do something with hammerman, or Doc T or they could add a new villin. Don't forget to pin this, it took pretty Long to type

  13. I hope you guys keep playing boom beach

  14. Best way to prolong this games life would be to increase the area of archipelago by allowing more upgrades on the radar, as well as increase max player level to 70/70+ and give us more troops, or give us some form of fighting with the tribes? (this could be a reason behind the archipelago expansion).

  15. Played a few other games, and hate the ones where you can get blasted off the map… taking an attack in Boom Beach is not fatal. I forget what the other game was, played it for some time and then got slaughtered – imagine if your base buildings dropped levels when attacked in Boom Beach!!!
    I'm also not a fan of games where it's essential to play in a clan

  16. Please don't stop uploading boom beach videos if you want to upload the videos of other game then you should do it but you should never stop boom beach

  17. YouTube mat have not changed it's algorithms, it might be because it's around school start time

  18. Its womens faoult becuse of that stupid #grilstakeover

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